Download Large iOS Apps
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Earlier Apple had a 150MB file size restriction on its App Store download, this was to prevent iPhone and iPad users from accidentally downloading large iOS apps via 3G or 4G cellular networks. This saved them from consuming the data allowance or increasing their data charges.

All this has changed since May 2019, when Apple decided to increase the download limits to 200MB, but this did not offer users the choice to opt out of the limits. Many of the users with unlimited data plans were left frustrated with the lack of this option.

With the release of iOS 13 this has all changed, now Apple offers its users an optional limit to download 200MB files over a cellular network. This means now they can download large-size files on their iPhones and iPads, though you will be asked if you really want to go ahead.

How to Download Large iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad Over Cellular NetworkCellular Networks


  1. Go to Settings app on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌.
  2. Tap iTunes & ‌App Store‌.
  3. Tap App Downloads.
  4. Select Always Allow to permit all apps to download automatically using cellular data.
  5. Select Ask If Over 200 MB to only permit apps under 200MB to download automatically using your carrier’s cellular connection (the default setting) OR 
  6. Select Always Ask if you’d always liked to be asked for permission to download apps using cellular data, regardless of their size.

You also need to know when you are roaming, permission to download is always required. This will protect you from ending up receiving a huge phone bill at the end of the month.