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Many of you might have heard about the Boston University student who was forced to pay $675,000 for some music he downloaded. Well, he was caught torrenting, this may not happen if you are smart enough to use VPN while using torrents. We will explain how to download torrent safely and much more as we proceed further.

What is a torrent?

A torrent is a computer file containing metadata that holds a number of details. The trackers i.e. programs that coordinate the transfer of torrents get information from metadata — where to get torrent files. A torrent file does not contain any actual contents to be distributed and generally comes with a .torrent extension.

You can download these torrent files using BitTorrent software such as uTorrent, Transmission, BitTorrent, and more. This software makes downloading torrent files easily to your personal computer. desktop.

Is it legal to Download Torrents?

Some of the countries in the world are not ok with downloading torrents and they prosecute torrent users to prohibit illegal torrents. While some users end up downloading copyrighted materials unknowingly.

How to Download Torrents Safely?

Apart from the legal prosecution for downloading torrents, you can also end up installing malware via untrusted websites. It is always dangerous to access the internet without protection. Using a VPN would ensure you download torrent safely without risking your privacy.

You need to consider these three points before you download a torrent file.

  • Get a reliable torrent client that seamlessly completes the file download.
  • Find good websites to download torrents, to avoid possible malware or data leaks when you access the website.
  • Select and download the torrent file, honestly it is not so simple as it sounds.

You can probably be well equipped to download torrent files if you are using a VPN. A VPN will hide your IP address and make it look like your traffic is coming from an entirely different location. This will ensure you stay clear of any trouble

Which VPN to buy?

There are a number of VPN providers you can choose from such as

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • ProtonVPN
  • IPVanish

Try Not To Use Free VPN Service as it is similar to watching pirated movies at home which has its own downside.

Open the VPN application and enter your user name password to connect successfully with it. Once connected to a VPN server it will encrypt your data and hide your current location. Try picking the VPN server close to your current location for faster speeds. Apart from this some of the quality VPN providers also have dedicated torrenting servers.

The dedicated torrenting servers are optimized for P2P traffic and are usually highly secure.
Service providers such as NordVPN have dedicated P2P servers with extra security pre-installed. You can choose the desired server by clicking the three dots menu, change the country and servers. We would like to suggest keeping the default settings to get the best output.

NordVPN also offers a filter by protocol option. If you are using VPN specifically for torrenting we suggest IKEv2 for mobile, OpenVPN for desktop, or NordLynx, NordVPN’s proprietary protocol that packs uncontested speeds.

Before you start torrenting make sure the Kill Switch is toggled on. This will keep you protected if your VPN crashes. You will find this option in the NordVPN settings section.

Using a good quality Torrent Client

There are a number of Torrent clients available, we will talk about uTorrent. It is simple to download and install. You can download the software for free by clicking the link here and installing it like any other program.

With a VPN installed to keep you protected and anonymous and good torrent download software, you are good to go.

But before you start, go to Options in your torrenting client, then hit Preferences. Select Directories and add your preferred location. Hit OK, and you’re good to go.

This will give you all the excellent websites to download files from. You can pick files that are trustworthy and this can be easily done by navigating and sorting them. These files keep updating regularly so we won’t be able to share a specific list.

But as a word of advice you always need to remember torrenting websites are in a somewhat shady internet neighborhood where hackers and viruses may lurk.

Installing a good anti-malware or antivirus software apart from VPN will provide you with an added security layer. You will not have to worry when you click on ghost links or are otherwise redirected to malicious sites.

Which torrent file to download?

When you search for a title on torrenting sites, there are tons of versions of the same files. You will need to make the right decision when it comes to downloading the right torrent file. In order to make the right decision, you need to understand a few thighs like:

  1. Check how many seeders the torrent has. More means more sources for your file and better speeds.
  2. Check the comments which may have useful information to save you some time.
  3. Always download the files via a magnet link when that’s available.

What is a Magnet Link?

A magnet link hands your torrent client the information it needs to start downloading the file. It is faster and more convenient than downloading a torrent file. It is a small separate file containing the information needed to download the larger file. When you select a magnet link, you get a pop-up showing you that it’s about to download.

It is a good practice when you are downloading a movie file to uncheck all other files. As the harmful content generally resides in these files.

If you have doubts you can also run the file you are downloading through an antivirus program. once the download is done to check for threats.

We hope now you will confidently and safely be able to download torrent files. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.