get more life out of your dying phone battery
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Getting more life out of your dying phone battery can go a long way, as you can perhaps end up making some extra important calls just by doing so. In this article, we will explain just how to get more life out of your dying phone battery. 

Well once your phone battery dies both Apple and Android have a setting that can juice up your phone and it’s easy to turn on. You can enable these low power modes manually, this leads to temporarily disabling the apps, features, and processes that drain the most battery.

Once you turn on the low power mode, it will automatically turn off when your phone is charged up again.

Though it will not offer you the best of experiences while in this mode such as 

  • The phone reverts to 4G, meaning your phone won’t check email or update news, weather, and other apps as frequently.
  • Smart Assistant won’t work either
  • Notes, photos, and appointments won’t be synced to the cloud until you’re at least 80% charged.

How to get more life out of your dying phone battery?

To get more life out of your dying phone battery you can enable the low power mode on iPhone and Android devices as explained below.

How to Enable Low Power Mode on iPhone?

  • Open Settings > Battery.
  • Slide the toggle next to Low Power Mode to the right to enable it.

You will receive notifications when your battery level hits 20% and 10% in iOS  9 and above. You also get an option to enable Low Power Mode with a single tap.

How to Enable Power saving mode on Android?

In the case of Android, you get the power saving mode which is available on Android 5.0 OS and above.

For Samsung Galaxy Phones:

  • Open Settings > Select Battery and device care.
  • Select Power saving mode.
  • Slide the toggle next to Power saving mode to the right to enable it.

You will find somewhat similar settings in most Android phones manufacturers out there with a few changes here and there. 

Alternate ways to extend battery life

Battery-saving modes are certainly not the only way to improve your battery life.  They sure do help save some juice but also disable some functionality which you may want to use. You can try these couple tips to improve battery life without having to enable Low Power Mode.

Lower the brightness: You can dim the screen down, a brighter screen will consume more battery. To achieve this on an iPhone, go to Settings and select Display & Brightness. Slide the toggle under Brightness to the left to lower it.  In the case of Android, go to Settings and select Display. Slide the toggle to the left to lower brightness or to the right to raise it.

Disable notifications: Notification can consume a lot of battery while it dings, pings, and fetches data. Turn off notifications can save you some battery life for sure.

Turn off notification on an iPhone 

  • You can do this right from your home screen or lock screen. Pull down the notification screen on your iPhone to see a list of recent ones.
  • Tap and hold a notification, then tap the three dots in the upper-right corner. 
  • You get a popup with a few options.
  • Choose Turn Off to stop them.

Turn off notification on an iPhone 

  • Swipe down on the notification panel to see a list of your notifications. 
  • Press and hold the one you want to turn off and tap Turn off notifications.
  • Also you can long-press a notification as it happens, then tap the settings cog to go directly to notification settings.

Turn off nonessential features:  You can choose to turn off nonessential features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as it drains your battery. 

Try Airplane mode: Turning off the Airplane mode can also save battery as it switches off your phone’s cellular and wireless connections. You can turn it on when you want to call or send and then off again. 

Control the temperature: Keeping the smartphone cool can also go on to save some battery. Try to keep your phone in shade to maintain a steady temperature rather than sitting placing it on the car’s dashboard in a sunbeam. This will result in draining the battery quicker. 

Alternative Power Source: It will be handy for you to carry a portable battery in your bag or a power bank with you. 

You may also like to know how to quickly find your iPhone even while it’s turned off.

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