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Proxy servers are widely used to protect users from malware on the internet. There are two types of proxies i.e. Datacenter Proxies and Residential Proxies. But there is an inclination towards using Datacenter proxies these days as they are linked to the Datacenter.

DataCenter Proxies are preferred over Residential proxies as they can mask your IP address on complex websites. The residential proxies fail to provide the same kind of undetectability. In today’s internet world DataCenter proxies still hold a significant place.

Types of Data Center Proxies:

  • Secure socket Proxy (SOCKS)
  • Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) proxies

Secure socket Proxy (SOCKS): SOCKS are general proxies and are not built with any protocol in mind. They are lower-level proxies and are more diverse.

Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) proxies: HTTP protocol is used by websites, it allows users to access or view the websites. With the help of proxies such as HTTP or SOCKS, you are able to browse the web anonymously.

HTTP proxy is built using HTTP protocol which has specific functions. Being built using HTTP protocol makes it easy to browse the internet with them. HTTP proxy can read data being transferred between the client and server. As they use the connect method, they establish a tunnel connection that is secure, safe, and cannot be traced.

Best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies are also known as dedicated proxies are a very useful tool. Occasionally also known as static proxies, as they maintain the same IP. Generally, all proxy services are equal, but some are clearly better than others. We have made a list of the best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.

Smartproxy provides a reliable data center and residential proxies. It also provides other specialized services such as search engine proxies, chrome extension proxies, firefox proxies, and more. One of the largest networks around with over 10 million proxies. The company’s servers all over Europe and the United States. It works exclusively with shared data center proxies. Offers 99.9% uptime with unlimited threads with all packages.

MyPrivateProxy provides its proxy services for sneaker sites, ticketing sites, and PokemonGo. A popular name when it comes to the proxy, with most of its servers located in the United States. It also has a portion of its data center servers in different parts of Europe.

MyPrivateProxy also offers the option of buying shared or private proxies at a good price. The value-for-money rates match with a good number of reputable internet marketing activities.

Instant Proxies is one of the cheapest proxy service providers. You can buy 10 private proxies at a cost of $10. It is also perhaps the only service provider to offer a trial before you make a decision to buy. You check their proxies for compatibility using various network tools. If you are satisfied with the results, make a decision to buy. There may be exceptions where you may witness lag on complex websites. In general, they are reliable for speed and have been tried and tested on many complex websites.

High proxies is a reliable proxy service provider with competitive pricing. With a network of server places across the USA, Europe, and other regions, hosts datacenter proxies on a high-speed 1Gbps server with 16GB RAM.

Though the prices are cheap you don’t get the choice of specialized proxies. It also provides services such as VPNs, dedicated proxy packages for social media, and ticketing sites. Considered one of the premium players, but offer services cheap enough to be classed as reasonable or fairly priced.

Stormproxies is a relatively new player in the proxy market. With a pool of over 70.000 addresses located mainly in the US and Europe, the company offers both shared and dedicated data center proxies. It offers variety which makes it so popular. Offers proxies that can rotate IPs every HTTP request, every 3 minutes, or every 15 minutes. Users can get a lot of options and use it for a wide range of online activities. Other services offered by the company include dedicated proxies for Instagram, Facebook, ticketing sites, and more.

Datacenter proxies, residential or mobile proxies are used for many online activities. They have a lot to offer even if you are not techy as it helps protect your identity ie, browse anonymously. With the expansion of Internet usability, we will be seeing them being used widely in many applications. A powerful tool for people involved in activities such as web scraping or performance testing.