get rid of spam emails
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Spam emails have become a huge problem for companies and individuals alike. How to get rid of spam emails? A question everyone seeks to know the answer to. Simply having the option to press the delete key to clear your inbox flooded with junk mail is not good enough. There has been a significant improvement over the years in terms of detecting unsolicited bulk email. Though we still need to achieve a 100% result when it comes to blocking potential spam messages.

The fact that once we sign up for an online retail account we give permission to be added to the advertising and marketing mailing lists of the company. The company is entitled to send you any marketing emails.

Hackers and bad actors are able to manipulate and send you identical emails which may be able to skip the email filters and security.

We bring you tips on how to get rid of spam emails that are a cause of concern for your company.

  1. Use your email address in a CAPTCHA format or embed it with a JPEG file. This will hide your email address as an image.
  2. Whenever you share your email online, protect and mask your email. This can be done simply by scrambling the letters to hide it or spell out symbols. This will make it difficult for the spam bot to identify and replicate it.
  3. Never reply to spam messages as it will alert the spammers that your email account is active. This will motivate them to target you more often.
  4. Use spam filtering tools, as it will help you avoid clicking on unwanted links and attachments. It will enable you to block emails with malicious content effectively.
    Encode your email address in such a way that it is not decipherable by spambots scanning your web presence.
  5. Whenever you register for an online contest, online retail store, etc avoid using your personal or organizational email ids for registration.
  6. Do not share your email address unnecessarily, you can instead create online forms for contact. These contact forms are well protected by spam guards.
  7. Last but not the least, think before you click, as no matter what precautions we take humans to have their own brains. Think before you click a suspicious link, try to scan attachments with reliable anti-malware software before you open it.

We hope the solutions we mentioned above will help you get rid of spam emails. Leave your comments in the section below.