Enable Read Receipts on all your Apps
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It is important you know if your message went through and read it, as many of us use smartphones to communicate with each other via messages. If you are using a smartphone to send messages to your friends, family, or at work you will need to enable read receipts to know if the person has read your messages.

At times the mobile service can be spotty leading to a delayed response, though there are times when you just need to talk. In this article, we will explain how to enable read receipts on all your apps, be it an iPhone, Android, Facebook app, or WhatsApp we have got you covered.

iMessage is the default texting app on Apple iPhone and allows you to know if your recipient has read your message. Though to use this app both the sender and the receiver need to be using iMessage on an iPhone or iPad and have Read Receipts enabled.

You will notice the word “Read” beneath your message with a timestamp when it was opened when you send a text message and have turned on the Read Receipt.

How to turn on your Read Receipts in the iMessage app?

  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Messages.
  • Enable Send Read Receipts.
  • You can do this on Macs and iPads also.

Android also offers the Read Receipt feature and requires both sender and recipient to enable the feature. The steps to enable read receipts may vary a bit according to your device’s manufacturer, model, and operating system.

How to turn on your Read Receipts on an Android device?

  • Go to your Message App
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Locate Read Receipts, Send Read Receipts or Request Receipts. This may vary depending on your phone model, operating system, and cellular provider. Turn on the applicable option.

Samsung Android Phones
Go to Messages > Menu > Settings > Chat settings and enable read receipts.

Google Messages

  • Open Messages.
  • Tap the three-dot menu (More) > Settings > Chat features. Tap Send read receipts.

In the case of Facebook Messenger, read receipts are enabled by default. You cannot turn them off even if you want to. Though there is a way you can be able to read messages without producing a read receipt.

Simply turn off the Wi-Fi and cellular connection to read all received messages. Open the app, turn on Airplane mode. Force quit the Messenger app once you finish reading your messages.

With WhatsApp, you can turn off read receipts. You can look for the checkmarks.

  • A single gray checkmark indicates a successfully sent message.
  • A second gray checkmark shows your message indicates the message was delivered to the recipient’s phone.
  • Two checkmarks turn blue indicating the recipient has viewed your message.

How to turn off read receipts in WhatsApp?

  • Click Settings and tap Account.
  • Choose the Privacy option
  • Disable Read Receipts.

Once you have enabled read receipts on all your apps, you will no longer need to worry about whether a recipient has viewed your message.

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