Take Better Selfies With Your Smartphone
Reading Time: 2 minutes

You spend many hours trying to click a perfect selfie with your smartphone. If you are one of those struggling to get a perfect selfie of yourself try this guide to help you take better selfies with your smartphone. 

Many of us end up looking hideous or just tend to worry after we click a selfie, these tips will help you look better in selfies as well as group photos. 

First and foremost get rid of the “Turkey Neck” and if you too are worried about a double chin like many out there you need to understand where you place the camera. As cameras can make some features look all the more exaggerated than they should be. 

Half the battle is won when you know the right angels to place your camera. Perhaps holding the camera higher up may make you look up a little. 

To make your neck look elongated try to chin down just a little. Such fine little things like this can go a long way to make your picture look better. If you are using an iPhone and your front-facing it you can practice taking selfies, take a bunch of them to see which one works out best for you. 

Yet another tip will be to find the best selfie angle, always take a picture on your good side. But before you can pick it you need to know what your side is and figure out what is the best angle for you when it comes to taking pictures. 

If you are an Instagram influencer, you should try clicking around nine to ten selfies from various angles. For instance, one that’s head-on, the other right in front of your face, one above, one below so on, and so forth.  After you take a look at all these pictures you will figure out which ones look the best. 

We bet with all this care and dedication never will you fail to take selfies that will make you look great. Don’t forget to mention your experiences when it comes to clicking selfies in the comments section below. 

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