Prepare to Sell Your Old Smartphone
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Before you buy a new smartphone you need to prepare to sell your old smartphone. If you are confused about what to do with your old smartphone before buying a new one, this article will surely help you.

To find the right buyer and to set the right price, you need to understand in what condition your smartphone is in. A smartphone is good condition will definitely get you a good sale price.

There are many users out there willing to buy your old smartphone, especially elderly folks who are newly introduced to smartphones. You too can earn a decent amount from the sale but it all depends on how you prepare the smartphone before you sell it.

Things mentioned here would work generally for most smartphones, though it suits best for brands such as Samsung and Google.

Need to Inspect your Android Phones

It is crucial to have your phone in good condition, as it goes a long way when it comes to finding a new owner. Not only does it earn you a good selling price but it will end up getting picked by many on their buying list. Increasing the chances of its sale.

Before you put out the old smartphone checkout for scratches, dents, cracks, and other blemishes, it’s always good, to be honest. Prepare to Sell Your Old Smartphone_TechnoidHostErase All Data From Your Phone

Whenever you decide to sell your old smartphone, make sure you erase all data from your phone. The process is relatively straightforward with most Android phones out there.

If you are using a smartphone with Android 11 or Android 12 beta the process remains almost the same.

You need to consider three things to securely wipe out.

  • Disable Factory Reset Protection.
  • Remove your account.
  • Factory reset the phone.

Once done you are good to go.

Your Phone is ready for Trade

You may not end up getting the right price for your old phone when you trade with your phone’s manufacturer or carrier.

Prices offered by leading Smartphone brands

  • Samsung offers up to a $750 trade-in credit on a Galaxy Z Fold3 5G or Z Flip3 5G.
  • Google says it offers up to $600 for a trade-in
  • Verizon is offering a discount of up to $800 on specific new phones and you commit yourself to its unlimited plans.

This may vary depending on the brand and model of your old smartphone.

Make The Deal

There are tons of online sites where you can sell your old smartphone. You will find many sites with a healthy community of buyers and sellers. You can create your listing, share details of your smartphone and pictures and you are good to go. Some websites may charge you for their services depending on the price of your smartphone. One more thing to mention is you may also have to take care of the shipping costs.

Sites where you can list your old smartphone for sale

Other places where you can try selling your old phone are Craigslist and FacebookMarketplace.

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