Who Views Your Instagram
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Instagram a popular image and video sharing app is followed by many users across the world. We are sure at some point in time it might have struck you, who views your Instagram just out of curiosity. Well, Instagram comes with a built-in option that allows users to know who views your Instagram?

So are you ready to know how you can do this! Sneaking into someone’s profile is not a good idea, as little secrecy is a good thing. But if there was a way to dig deeper if the option existed maybe people would not use the app so much. It could also mean a privacy issue.

A number of third-party apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store claim to be able to see who views your Instagram profile. Be careful before you fall for it as they do not practice what they preach. Also, the apps offered comes with a privacy threat, as they can be used for collecting data and tracking. The apps may also turn out to be entirely different app from what the users have been promised.

We stumbled upon FollowMeter, it is available for both Android and iOS devices.  The app does offer some insights on your Instagram but to be honest, fails to give you details on who viewed your profile recently. You get to know the users following you even though you are not following them and the ones that decided to unfollow you recently.

We would advise you to stay clear of such apps as we already mentioned can be used for data tracking and are fake. Certainly, these apps won’t solve the purpose. Instead, enjoy the secrecy and accept the fact that you don’t have to know just about everything.