Setup WhatsApp on your landline phone
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Gone are the days when we used a landline phone to talk with friends and families or communicate with clients. We will discuss in this article how to set up WhatsApp on a landline phone. This will quickly make you popular across the world as it offers unlimited text messaging, chats, calls, and video calls without having to worry about having to pay huge bills.

WhatsApp also comes with good end to end encryption which makes it secure. According to recent reports, the average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times a day. Just goes to show everyone is making good use of the messaging app.

You can also use the WhatsApp Business app, launched to help businesses around the world. Currently, 3 million companies are using the WhatsApp Business app for their communications. It allows you the option to communicate with your client base in a simple, secure, and efficient way.

Now it is also possible for you to use a landline phone to register with WhatsApp. Though we need a mobile number to communicate we can also add a landline number.

Experts believe companies will soon adopt using it for their client interactions. We will explain to you step by step how to Setup WhatsApp on your landline phone

Setup WhatsApp on your landline phone

  • Choose to use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business App according to your requirement.
  • Install WhatsApp on your mobile/tablet, you can download it from Google Play store.
  • Open the installed application. You will be prompted for a number, provide your home or business landline phone number.
  • WhatsApp will send an SMS on the number you provide to verify. Once it fails it will show an option to Call Me for verification. Select the option to get a call from WhatsApp.
  • You will get an automated call, it will repeat a six-digit verification code in an automated voice. Note down the code.
  • Enter the code in WhatsApp application on your mobile/tablet or PC. Complete the setup process and you are good to go.

Advantages of using WhatsApp

  • Free messages and calls –WhatsApp allows you to send an unlimited number of messages, audio/video calls for free. You can send videos and pictures at no extra cost, though there are some restrictions to the number of forwards.
  • Easy to use – Comes with an easy User Interface which makes it easy for users to work with, even for people who are not techno-savvy.
  • Advertisement free – The messaging app is free from advertisements which makes it clean. Unlike other apps with advertisements which tend to be annoying.
  • An entertaining way of communication – WhatsApp comes with Emojis and Stickers which is one of the coolest forms of communicating with your family, friends, and clients.