Stay Connected With Your Friends with Video Chat Apps
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It has been a challenge to stay connected with your friend during the Covid times, but thanks to the various apps available that make this easy. If you are also wondering how to stay connected with your friend with video chat apps? We have got your back. 

There are several video chat apps that can make this task relatively easy for us all. Many apps have been gaining popularity with Zoom being the leader. It is placed at number 9  in the list of top 10 iOS apps chart followed by Facebook Messenger at number 11 and WhatsApp at number 23. 

There are other apps being used like Apple’s FaceTime which comes preloaded on iPhones and Google Duo which features on Android phones. 

Houseparty had been an excellent option offered by Fortnite, which was shut earlier in October. The app helps you and your friends be together when you’re not together.

As long you have a butch of friends hooked on to their favorite video chat apps it becomes relatively easy to stay connected. You can gradually increase the list of friends depending on your likes, dislikes, and various other reasons. is a brilliant app, though you cannot compare it with FaceTime or Skype as with them you need to go on it to meet new people. on the other hand offers nightly games that you can play with your friends, on and off camera, and has proved to be gaining popularity amongst people stuck at home. This goes to show from the fact the app has gained a growth of around 25% to 30% in the last five weeks. According to Alex Kruglov, the founder, the platform had to upgrade its server capabilities to accommodate the increased usage.

He said, “You don’t want to see anyone in person, but you still have a longing for human connection. The reality that people still want to relate to other humans is starting to hit home for many.” is an app that allows people to meet and become friends, it is a digital equivalent to going to a bar or comedy show, to play a game with strangers and strike up a conversation. 

Free Video Chat Apps?

One the most popular apps in the world for free texts, with a huge international audience.

Number of People on a video call – 4.

Apple FaceTime with around 1 billion network of iPhone owners is a popular video chat app. Though it is limited only to Apple iOS users as it cannot make calls to Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phones users.

Number of People on a video call – 32.

Google Duo
Google Duo is your answer to staying connected with your friends and families without having to worry if they are using an Android or an Apple phone. Google Duo works with platforms and goes beyond just phones. The Nest Hub video display units from Google are integrated with Duo video calling and it has tools to answer Duo calls on the computer.

Number of People on a video call – 8.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts has been around for a while and is a popular video chat app as well. Though in recent times Google seems to have diverted its attention more towards Duo. Yet Hangouts still remains quite popular amongst its users.

Number of People on a video call – 10

Skype is the old warhorse, owned by Microsoft the video chat app offers you an option to stay connected with your friends and family. Microsoft offers meetings with Skype in 3 simple clicks. This means it does not require registration from other participants. Also it offers funny stickers and GIFs on your face during a call, which makes conversations more exciting.

Number of People on a video call – 50

The Zoom app has gained immense popularity in recent times  and is free to use with a limitation of a 40 minute session. Though you can opt for a paid version which will cost you around $14.99 monthly. This offers you have more participants and longer meetings.

Number of People on a video call – 100 for free, or more with a fee

Facebook Messenger 
Facebook Messenger is a popular chat app from Facebook. The app is used for chatting, sending money and playing games. You can also make video and audio calls  and it also comes with a version for kids, tied to a parent or adult account with the ability to add only trusted connections and monitor exchanges. It also restricts from uploading profile images of kids and only has to be taken using the apps camera function.

Number of People on a video call – 6
The newest kid on the blocks, offers nightly games such as Crazy Eights, Liar’s Poker, you can play them from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time. Around six players are selected to appear on camera, during a pregame lottery selection.

Number of People on a video call – 100

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