How to Turn off WiFi Notification on your Android device
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most Android devices come with the ability to search for public Wifi Signals, and if you do not find this convenient, this is how to Turn off WiFi Notifications on your Android device.

Turn offTurn off WiFi Notification on your Android device

Public WiFi networks are all over the place from coffee shops, fast food joints, hotels, etc. Public Wifi access comes in handy especially when you have a limited mobile data pack or at times when you are looking for stable internet on the go.

Your Android phone helps you find these hotspots but you would be better off using a 4G connection or using a VPN app.

Keeping the Wifi Notification option on might at times be annoying. What happens when you keep it on and you are not connected to any network it keeps scanning for it. Once it finds one it will send you a notification on the screen. You can avoid this by simply turning off the WiFi notification on your Android device. You can turn off WiFi notifications on your Android device by following these steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  2. Choose Wifi on the top of the Settings.
  3. As you swipe down you will notice the ‘WiFi Preferences’ option, Tap it.
  4. Switch off the ‘Open network notifications’ option.Turn-off-WiFi-Notification-on-your-Android-device

You can always Turn on the notification by simply switching on the ‘Open network notifications’ option.

You may find slightly different options for turning off Wifi notifications with some smartphone brands. In general, though it will simply need you to dabble around a bit to find the right option.