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If you wish to Uninstall Chrome on a Mac and don’t know how to follow these simple instructions to get you through.

If you have made the decision to opt for another browser over Chrome on your Mac, that’s just fine. There are many other browsers you can choose from for your Mac.

If you are holding back on this decision just because you are not able to uninstall Chrome from your Mac, sit back while we explain how to uninstall Chrome on a Mac without leaving and data traces behind.

Things to do Before You Uninstall Google Chrome

It is a good idea to delete your Google Chrome Profiles before you uninstall Google Chrome from your Mac and ensure you clear all your browsing data too. In order to prevent data from staying online and getting back on your Mac, you would be better off uninstalling Google Drive as well.

Once this is done you are good to go, though there is still a lot of data that remains on the Google server or on other devices you own that are synced with your Google accounts and Google Apps.

You will have to delete this server information if you want to permanently purge your Mac of Google Chrome and its data.

Remove Browsing Data

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click the three-dot menu icon
  • Click on More Tools
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to use the keyboard shortcut, Shift + Cmd + Delete.Uninstall Chrome on a Mac
  • In the window that appears, Select All time from the Time range dropdown. Check all the boxes in the list of data types. Click on the Advanced tab and check all the boxes.Uninstall Chrome on a Mac
  • Click the Clear data button to clear all your data from Chrome, your Mac, and even Google’s servers!

Uninstalling Google Chrome on a Mac

To uninstall Google Chrome on a Mac, quit the app by entering Cmd+Q twice or Control-clicking the Chrome app in your Dock and hitting Quit from the menu that appears. Force quitting the app is yet another option you can go for.ForceQuitApp

  • Go to the Applications folder and find Google Chrome.
  • Click and drag it onto your Mac’s Trash icon.
  • Drag Chrome from your Dock into Trash, this will only remove it from the Dock. To uninstall the app go inside the Applications folder.
  • Control-click on the Chrome app and select Move to Trash to do this.Uninstall Chrome on a Mac
  • Open Trash and click the Empty button.Empty Button in Trash
  • Google Chrome is uninstalled from your Mac and you can proceed to restart your Mac.

How to Remove Google Chrome Data on a Mac

As mentioned earlier uninstalling the Google Chrome app removes a lot of data, but there is still some data that remain on your Mac.

Remove Google Chrome data on a Mac completely

  • Open a Finder window and click open the Go dropdown menu.
    • Select Go to Folder, this will open a window. Or use shortcut Shift + Cmd + GGo to Folder Finder Menu
  • In the Go to Folder window, type ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome
  • Once you input the text hit the Go button.Go-to-folder-text-box
  • This will take you to the folder on your Mac where Google Chrome has stored its data.
  • Select everything in this folder by hitting Cmd + A.
  • Drag all to the Trash icon, or Control-click on the highlighted files and select Move to Trash.Chrome-data-move-to-trash

Just what we did while uninstalling the Chrome app, open the Trash, and hit the Empty button. All of Google Chrome’s data will now be completely deleted from your Mac! You can restart your Mac and check again all data in the Chrome folder will be totally gone.

Isn’t it easy to Uninstall Chrome on Mac?

We hope you understand how easily you can uninstall Google Chrome on Mac. More importantly without leaving behind any data traces on your Mac after you uninstall it. Hope you liked the article, don’t forget to mention your views in the comments section below.

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