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We bring you 8 best lightweight Linux distributions based on the Openbox window manager, which is more responsive than traditional desktop environments.

If you’re looking for a lightweight Linux distribution for your old PC, Openbox is the answer to your problems. It’s lightweight, highly customizable, and easy to use. It also provides extensive support for replacing popular interfaces like GNOME or Unity with its own default interface.

Openbox can be easily combined with KDE or GNOME, and it’s the best way to customize your desktop environment.

To make the most of its abilities, check out some lightweight Linux distributions that support Openbox.

8 Best Lightweight Linux Distributions With Openbox Window Manager

Mabox Linux

Mabox LinuxMabox is based on Arch Linux and Manjaro, with a variety of features that makes it unique.

Mabox is a lightweight, open source desktop distribution with a compilation of software and plugins, including the Openbox window manager.

Mabox will scan your system for viruses, scans, and daily updates to keep your PC running smoothly.


Archcraft is a lightweight Linux distributions that offers performance along with many tools for intermediate to advanced users. Archcraft is constantly being updated and uses the Pacman packager.

BunsenLabs LinuxBunsenLabs Linux

BunsenLabs is installed with the Openbox Window Manager and provides many lightweight tools.

BunsenLabs is a community project that’s been around since 2014. It offers both 32-bit and 64-bit editions, with the intent of offering an easily customizable desktop to users.

BunsenLabs Linux Helium was released in 2016 and has been an excellent choice for users looking for a lightweight, fully-featured Linux distribution.

The Linux OS is reliable, with a large community of programmers.

AV Linux MX EditionAV Linux MX Edition

AV Linux MX Edition is a multimedia-focused lightweight Linux distributions that uses custom MX Linux for more effective multitasking and offers tools and applications to increase the productivity of multimedia creators.

It has a wealth of audio, video, and graphic software installed on MX Linux.

With the distribution, you can create any multimedia content without needing to install anything on your machine. The customized MX Linux desktop environment is optimized for multimedia creativity and includes a full suite of software and tools necessary to use the distribution.

AV linux has the programs you need to create and edit multimedia content, no matter your skill level

PCLinuxOS OpenboxPCLinuxOS Openbox

PCLinuxOS’s Openbox Edition is a well-defined version of the Linux distribution. This distribution is used in conjunction with the Openbox window manager.”

The PCLinuxOS Openbox edition is the same as the standard edition but has more options for window management.

If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight Linux distribution, then PCLinuxOS is worth checking out.


SparkyLinux is a fast, easy-to-install Linux distribution available for old and new computers. If you’re having trouble running your PC, install SparkyLinux.

SparkyLinux features Openbox, LXDE, and Openbox desktops.

Sparky is an operating system which can be customized with different apps and options. With 48.8% of all computers running some form of Linux, it’s good for power users and those who use Linux on their machines.

SparkyLinux is a great Linux operating system even if you’re looking for heavy desktop or lightweight options.

ALT LinuxALT Linux

ALT Linux is a community founded, Debian-based distribution developed for professionals in Russia. There are multiple editions each tailored to your needs.

It’s a good idea to use Debian-based Linux if you want a stable and reliable operating system with many variants. The different distributions are made specifically for different purposes, such as home or office computers, or servers.

Development tools, certified products, and educational institutions are some of the most popular items for ALT.


ArcoLinux is a proprietary OS is, to an extent, Linux-based. It was born in 2016 and released to the public, after a lot of work was put in.

Arco has created a niche among the Linux distros. ArcoLinux is an Arch Linux based distribution and it features a faster Openbox window manager and cutting-edge kernel under the hood

ArcoLinux is a stable solution that also provides an easy access to lightweight applications. The distro utilizes the most relevant features and can be utilized by anyone (regardless of their technology skills).

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