Accessible-Coconut -Linux Distro for the Visually Impaired
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Accessible-Coconut is a community-driven Linux distro that offers a great Linux experience to blind and low vision people. Accessible Coconut is a feature-packed distro that offers accessibility tools helpful for people with visual disabilities.

What makes Accessible-Coconut special for the Visually impaired?

Computers are being used widely in every aspect of our lives, as more and more people connect with technology. We must ensure we do not leave disabled people behind in this race.

It is not easy for people with vision disabilities to cope with computers compared to a visually capable user. It not only takes the knowledge of technology but is a daunting task to master the journey given their physical limitations. This is where a Linux distro like Accessible-Coconut comes in handy as it makes dreams of the disabled group come true.

Accessible-Coconut is an ideal companion for visually impaired people as the accessibility tools become the entire point of such specialized distros. It can help such people who are not tech-savvy get their work done on the computers.

Download: Accessible-Coconut

Accessible-Coconut Features

  • Easy-to-use accessibility features across the platform as it is designed especially for the blind and low vision people.
  • All the accessibility tools are present in the Universal Access section. You can access them while performing any task.
  • Features optical character recognition acts as specialized software to read books and documents for visually challenged people.

Other book reading features included

  • Print reading: The print reading feature offers the facility to read printed books using an optical character scanner. This scanner can linguistically translate major languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic.
  • Daisy-player: The Daisy-player plays books in DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) format. This player majorly works as a CD player, as it has large tactile controls specially designed to cater to blind and low vision readers.
  • Ebook speaker: The Ebook speaker reads books in standard formats like EPUB, PDF, text files, etc.
  • It comes with Orca, a screen reader, and an eSpeak speech engine, users can also choose other speech engines such as IBM ViaVoice and Cepstral.

Apart from this, it comes with pre-built audio and video players. They offer an excellent multimedia experience to the user. Standard system utilities like web browsers, email clients, messenger, PDF viewers, and text editors are preinstalled in the OS.Accessible-Coconut -Linux Distro for the Visually Impaired

Accessible-Coconut – Softwares

  • Tux Typing: A game tailor-made for learning and practicing typing and Braille layouts.
  • Ibus-braille: It is a software ideal for typing text in six or eight-key Braille mode.
  • Transmission: A graphical BitTorrent client to download data.
  • Screen reader: The software reads out the contents on the screen and eliminates the visual aspect of using an operating system.
  • Six key inputs: It is a software that helps users type any form of text using six keys of the keyboard with Braille knowledge in Perkin’s Brailler mode.
  • On-screen keyboard: The on-screen keyboard can type text through mouse inputs by the user. In combination with the screen reader, it is a great help for people who can’t use the keyboard altogether.
  • Sharada Braille Writer: The software helps the user write in Braille script. It offers a six key approach, which includes alphabets like f, d, s, j, k, and I. On the numeric front, it also offers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 for the braille dots.

The distro also offers a number of common Linux-oriented software which includes VCDImager, Grub Customizer, Startup Disk Creator, Document Viewer, Periodic Table, Blueman, Brasero, GParted, and many more.

Why Accessible-Coconut is a special distro for the visually impaired?

Accessible Coconut offers carefully designed features for the visually impaired. The distro is open source and comes with easy-to-use features which makes it popular amongst the disabled community. Ideal and a stable operating system for blind and low vision people.

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