AlmaLinux 9 Beta has Arrived Will you skip Centos Stream?
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AlmaLinux released AlmaLinux 9 Beta version last night for x86_64, aarch64, ppc64le, and s390x architectures, “achieving architecture parity with upstream.”

AlmaLinux 9 beta is just what the doctor ordered for RHEL enthusiasts who don’t like to follow orders by dumping CentOS by Red Hat.

AlmaLinux 9 beta, codenamed Emerald Puma’s main goal is 1:1 binary compatibility with RHEL. This will help fill up the gap left by the discontinuation of CentosOS in favor of CentOS Stream.

The latest edition of the operating system focuses on stability, though it uses the 5.14 Linux kernel to offer more hardware options. Language packages are also added that include Python, Rust, Go, Perl and PHP. All the components and compilers have been updated, next in line are the Cloud Images and Containers in the next few days. 

Since it’s a beta version, the team has warned not to use the distribution on production servers. Unless you are willing to risk something breaking, then you can go ahead. 

CloudLinux funded $1m a year which got the ball rolling for AlmaLinux. The first stable version of Centos appeared on the scene in March 2021 and was followed by regular releases. Recently it was also available for the Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Microsoft Store. It makes a developer’s life easy, especially if they are keen on using RHEL on their Windows. Rocky Linux is yet another alternative for CentosOS 

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