CUPS 3.0 Open Source Print Server Being Crafted To Overhaul Linux Printing
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CUPS 3.0 open-source print server being crafted to overhaul linux printing ever since OpenPrinting took over CUPS upstream from Apple. There was not much action as CUPS development ceased at Apple until last year CUPS founder Michael Sweet and OpenPrinting provided new life to the project.

The team has been working on CUPS 2.5 feature update and the CUPS 3.0 overhaul. At the Linux Plumbers Conference this week. Michael Sweet reassured the work on CUPS 3.0 and the near-term 2.5 update. CUPS 2.5 will continue to work on OAuth2 / OpenID support, localization improvements, improved certificate management, and other features.

CUPS 2.5 is expected to release in May with beta(s) and release candidates coming in the early months of 2023. The developers are looking to release CUPS 3.0 in beta phase in September 2023.CUPS 3.0 Open Source Print Server Being Crafted To Overhaul Linux Printing_1CUPS 3.0 is an update to the CUPS architecture which moves from PPD files and instead relies on IPP Everywhere, splits local printing from network printing support, and makes various other design improvements.CUPS 3.0 Open Source Print Server Being Crafted To Overhaul Linux Printing_2CUPS 3.0 has new enhancements in the form of CUPS Local Server. It is no longer necessary to run a CUPS network server because CUPS 3.0 is providing the printing solution for Linux without any added complications. CUPS sharing server will still be around and maintained in case people want the added functionality of a network/sharing server. CUPS 3.0 also removes deprecating libraries, various command changes, and other improvements.

For those of you that want more information on CUPS 3.0, Sweet’s slide deck (PDF) is available online and there are also other presentations from the LPC micro-conference page.

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