Gaming on Linux
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Gaming on Linux is catching up with many Linux enthusiasts praising the improvements in the gaming capabilities on Linux. Certainly, there has been a considerable amount of advancements when it comes to supporting modern games on Linux platforms. 

Lutris, an Open-source gaming platform for Linux, swears by Linux to install and launch games you can start playing without the hassle of setting up games. The platform allows you to play games from GOG, Steam,, Origin, Uplay, and many other sources without much fuss on any Linux-powered gaming machine.

Gaming on Linux Good or Bad?

There is a huge hype created and we need to clear the doubts and see if really Linux is suitable for gaming.

If you have any doubts if you can play games on Linux, the answer is yes you can.  There is no major issue when it comes to playing games on Linux and gives a playable and good experience.

We will clear any further doubts you have about playing games on Linux.

Do you need a Specific Linux Distro to play games on Linux?

Generally, you don’t require a specific Linux distro as long as you are not keen on the user experience. For example, for all the graphics to work well for you and give you the best user experience you need to install the concerned graphical drivers and the latest hardware support. Likewise, while playing native Linux indie games with integrated GPU any Linux distro is fine. 

You will definitely be required to pick and choose the right distro for your gaming adventures. 

VR Gaming on Linux

Choosing Linux as your preferred platform for playing VR games will not be a good idea, as it fails to deliver you an exciting experience. As you will not have the required drivers or applications that will offer you an enjoyable experience on Linux. We doubt any distribution would also be able to fix this problem for you. 

You can grab the latest byte on virtual reality from a blog post on Boiling Steam and Valves VR handset on GamingOnLinux.

Can you play Windows Games on Linux?

Yes, you can play Windows-based games on Linux. Enjoy playing Forza Horizon 4, on Linux without much trouble if you like playing car simulation or racing games. There are a number of others that you can try without much difficulty.