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In this article, we will be talking about Garuda Linux, the Next Generation Linux Distro With Stunning Features. Garuda Linux is an Arch Linux-based distro that is unlike anything out there. We would be happy to share with our readers everything about Garuda Linux from installation to other features.

Garuda Linux is super easy to install and offers you 15 variants to choose from. It comes with an advanced BTRFS file system, timeshift system snapshots accessible from the grub bootloader for enhanced system reliability.

It also offers other features such as Garuda assistant for deep system control, Garuda gamer, and many more features that we don’t see anywhere else.

Visually Garuda Linux looks the most stunning of all the desktop environments. After fiddling around a bit using the Garuda Linux, we found it pretty interesting. It has so many things that left us all impressed.

If you are someone who is hopping around from one Linux distro to another, trying to find something good, Garuda Linux could be your final destination.

User Interface

Garuda Linux offers an amazing user interface, it is perhaps its biggest attraction. Garuda is colorful and bold, perhaps be mesmerized by its beauty and keep looking at it again and again. The system is available in 15 variants with all major desktop environments. You will find the classic GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon, apart from this you also get a special dragonized edition featuring a modified KDE Plasma along with the other desktops.

Garuda Dragonized Desktop

To say that Garuda Dragonized is colorful would be an understatement. The desktop is a neon-themed stunner. It’s KDE Plasma with themes and customizations applied everywhere. The latte dock at the bottom and a panel at the top, give you a mac styled desktop, with extra shine and glitter. Life is short, Live bold, that’s what the theme does, it is so bold it doesn’t
even try to be modest.

The icons are rad and give a nice vibe, while the wallpaper makes them look all the more awesome. The applications have a beautiful transparency mechanism. Garuda has nailed the dark/ transparent theme. The animations and effects are smooth and eye-catchy, it gives a very fluid feel to the system.

Garuda Dragonized goes for a very non-traditional and non-conformist look. You get a splendidly good-looking system out of the box with neon futuristic decor.

GNOME desktop

If the Garuda Dragonized desktop is too shiny for you, you can go for the GNOME desktop that is a bit modest. Garuda GNOME is pure eye candy and looks polished and simple. It is not a neon fest like the Dragonized version and thank heavens for that.

The GNOME desktop looks more professional and presentable than the dragonized version. It is better suited for an office environment. The icon pack and theme selection here is very good. The developers have gone with a more sophisticated look that appeals even to a more mature audience.

While there is no shortage of shell themes, gtk themes, and icon packs for Linux. Achieving a look that feels 100 percent perfect and also works uniformly across all the applications is not easy. This where the Garuda Developers have nailed it.

Garuda Linux Features and Tools

Garuda has many amazing features and tools, which are not found in any other Linux distro. Features such as performance, stability, gaming etc, make Garuda one of a kind Linux distro and the best recommendation for 2021.

Garuda Linux, under the hood, is powered by a custom engine that is tuned for maximum performance throughput. Garuda uses Linux zen kernel, which comes with many performance-oriented optimizations and tweaks.

Right out of the box, Garuda feels more responsive and fluid than other operating systems because Garuda uses RAM in a slightly different way. Garuda uses a little bit of unused free ram to cache up things that you or the system might use. This makes it a more responsive system. A similar result can be achieved on other Linux distros too by installing Preload.

Garuda also has Zram enabled by default. This improves the system responsiveness and multitasking if you have an HDD. We also get various intelligent tweaks to improve the I/O speeds, CPU frequency scaling and so many other things.

If you are wondering if all these enhancements translate to visible real-world performance improvements? The answer is YES. Garuda Linux does feel more responsive and faster than other systems using the same desktop environments on older and lower-end hardware.

The underlying Linux Zen kernel has shown to improve multitasking. But don’t expect any visible performance gain on newer or more powerful computers as high performance from newer hardware will make it very difficult to see any meaningful speed boost. Though you will still manage to get a responsive and fluid system with Garuda.

Garuda Linux is a performance-driven operating system by design and it tops the chart for that. Garuda is based on Arch Linux and Arch is more of a Do-It-Yourself kind of distro.

Arch Linux is incredible but can be restrictive to Linux newcomers and beginners because of its DIY principle. Garuda on the other hand works with a totally different approach and brings the Arch awesomeness to everybody, minus the installation hassle.

Garuda Linux is installed using the Calamares installer which is one of the easiest and quickest installers around. It also comes with many homegrown tools that make Linux just more familiar and simpler to the user. Even newcomers can do things here that would otherwise require a hardcore Linux professional.

All these tools are grouped under an application called Garuda Welcome, which allows you to fine control your system. Garuda Assistant offers a simple Graphical Interface to control various advanced aspects of the system.

Many complicated tasks like installing a firewall from a choice selection can be done with a single click here.

Arch specific system maintenance like refreshing the mirror list, reinstalling every single package, clearing out orphan packages, all can be done here with a single click.
Along with Garuda Assistant, we have a settings manager that gives you full access to your hardware management, kernel management, and other stuff. Garuda Gamer is another fantastic tool, which we’ll see in the gaming section. There are some other nifty tools thrown in here along with tools for partition management, timeshift, and more.

Garuda Linux is simple to use and you won’t be wasting your time googling around or getting messed up with commands. Arch Linux makes tasks easy to perform with a few clicks.

Garuda is an Arch derivative, a rolling release Linux distro with bleeding-edge tech. It offers the newest of everything and can be used for any purpose. Though the frequent updates it gets can be harmful to its stability.

Arch-based systems require more care and housekeeping compared to something like Debian-based. You may experience driver issues, boot loops, and other issues after updates. To overcome this, Garuda developers have implemented 2 features and they are just ingenious together.

Firstly, Garuda Linux installs on a BTRFS file system by default. While there’s no shortage of excellent file systems on Linux, BTRFS is just better in many ways. It is a modern file system with advanced features such as powerful snapshots that can prevent data loss and data corruption.

Garuda also has Timeshift deeply integrated into the OS. Timeshift not only creates daily snapshots but makes system backups just before you install software or upgrade the system. The best part is these backed-up snapshots are accessible from the grub bootloader itself.

We experienced this superb mechanism firsthand when we installed NVIDIA drivers and the system wouldn’t boot into the GUI. We simply restarted and selected the timeshift snapshots from the boot menu and selected the last one. We were able to boot into a fully working system that was backed up just before we installed the drivers.

This backup feature now allows everybody to try out Arch Linux and play with Linux without having to worry about updates breaking the system or you messing up the system.

Garuda is a game-changer when it comes to providing strong reliability. Garuda Linux fetches software from Arch repositories. Along with that, it also has access to the Arch User Repositories which is the biggest collection of Linux software out there.

Anything created for Linux will be available in the Arch User Repositories. Also, Arch and Arch-based distros have the newest of all the packages. This means you get the latest software version before anybody else. So you enjoy the best in class software availability with Garuda.

Garuda also uses chaotic AUR, which contains many prebuilt binaries, that directly work without any issues. This is very convenient and more user-friendly.

Any software you need can be installed on Garuda Linux using Pamac, which is a clean and organized software manager.

Tools like Proton and WINE have made Linux gaming amazing. You can play triple-A titles like the Witcher 3, GTA 5, DOOM, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on Linux flawlessly. Garuda Linux has a gaming dedicated application called Garuda Gamer. This application is the gateway to manage all your gaming tools all from one place.

You can install Steam, PlayOnLinux, WINE, Proton, and a ton of other gaming applications from here.
You also get a number of fantastic emulators that just ramp up the gaming experience. We personally have gamed extensively using PCSX2, which is a PlayStation 2 emulator. We had great fun, Garuda has gamers covered too.

Garuda Linux also has a dedicated version of Garuda for gamers too, if you are a hardcore gamer do check that out.

Garuda Linux ships with Calamares installer. It’s one of the simplest Linux installers with simple options and workflow. Select the language, location, keyboard layout, the portion you want to install Garuda on and Calamares does the rest.

Garuda installs in 15-20 minutes. Even Linux newcomers can install Garuda easily. And after installation, there’s a little setup procedure that takes you through setting up the system exactly the way you like it. It does various things like setting up the software mirrors for your locale, letting you choose various applications like an office suite, and installing them for you.

Overall, Garuda Linux has a self-explanatory and simple installation and setup procedure that even Linux newcomers can follow without any inconvenience. Garuda Linux has a growing community. This Linux distro has been catching traction and is being received by the community in a very positive way.

Since Garuda is arch-based, most of the guides written on ArchWiki will be useful for solving issues on Garuda. You can find help quickly even for some Garuda-specific issues. With the developers doing a great job creating various tools such as Garuda Assistant and Garuda Gamer, things that generally would require you to go online and look for how-to articles, have turned out to be one-click operations.


Overall, because of the superior GUI tools, you require significantly less help and you can easily get help when required. Garuda Linux is different and tries to be more than just another Linux distro. Easy to install, uncomplicated for Linux beginners, and an Arch-based distro with cutting-edge tech. With so many things to offer it is a leap forward.

You can download Garuda Linux here. You can download all 15 variants of Garuga with your favorite desktop environment. Don’t forget to comment in the section below.