Impish Idri
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Impish Idri is the Ubuntu 21.10 codename revealed, with Ubuntu developers already prepping the foundations that will be part of the next stable release. Impish Idri is the name listed on the launchpad, home of Ubuntu development.

What is the meaning of the Codename?

The word ‘Impish’ is an adjective that means – inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun. While the word ‘Idri’, according to Google, is a Madagascan lemur that spends the majority of the ground up in trees, where it likes to jump around.

The codename seems to suggest we may witness Ubuntu devs have some tricks of their sleeves. With major changes in GNOME 40, we may expect to see GNOME 41.

Perhaps Ubuntu 21.10 may take a major leap on its own as the codename is a combination of playfulness in recent codenames like Hirsute Hippo and Disco Dingo. Unlike the more reflective choices in the past like Hardy Heron.

The topping on the cake will possibly be the cute mascot Idri on your desktop wallpaper would look wonderful. Ubuntu 21.10 is scheduled to release in October 2021.