Manjaro Cinnamon Picks Vivaldi As The Default Browser
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Manjaro Cinnamon picks Vivaldi as its default browser, after replacing Mozilla Firefox which has been the default browser of choice for years.

In a blog post, Jon Von Tetzchner founder of Vivaldi shared the news, saying the Vivaldi browser would offer users a fast, reliable, and feature-rich browsing experience. Jon Von Tetzchner also happens to be the co-founder of Opera.

Manjaro is based on Archlinux and is a fast, customizable rolling-release system. The upcoming Cinnamon updates will feature Vivaldi as the default browser, though only in Manjaro’s community-developed Cinnamon variant.

According to Bernhard Landauer, Co-CEO of Manjaro, “In our repos, Manjaro always provides the latest version of Vivaldi, and thanks to direct developer contact, we are now also able to include matching default themes for our editions.”

How do you get Vivaldi on Manjaro Linux?

When you install any new Cinnamon Edition, Vivaldi will be the default browser. It is one of the most customizable browsers and you can also get it on Manjaro’s official repos and installation through the package manager just a click away for all users.

Also, Vivaldi is available on most Linux distributions including Linux-based ARM devices, including the Raspberry Pi.

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