Microsoft offers SQL Server 2022 release candidate for Linux System
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Microsoft will be releasing SQL Server 2022 release candidate for Linux System, after releasing the SQL Server 2022 Release Candidate 0 for Windows weeks ago. 

There also are language additions in SQL Server 2022 RC 0 unveiled August 23, including Approx Percentile Disc that Microsoft says “returns the value from the set of values in a group based on the provided percentile and sort specification,” and Approx Percentile Cont, which “returns an approximate interpolated value from the set of values in a group based on percentile value and sort specification.”

The release for Linux also supports Azure Synapse Link, which enables developers to use the Azure Synapse Analytics to easily and directly access the Azure Cosmos DB analytical store.

“The integration runtime (IR) cannot be installed on a Linux environment, so you will have to run the IR on a Windows based machine that is on the same network as the Linux machine running the SQL Server instance to which it connects,” Khandelwal wrote.

It also supports Azure Active Directory authentication, though for right now SQL Server containers don’t support the feature, he wrote.

In order to provide more information about the content being written, Microsoft has added a language called Percentile Disc. This is an algorithm that finds the relevant data based on how many ratios of percentages.

With the Linux release, users can now store their data in their own allocated storage or with Azure’s own storage. Developers can also use this release to access their databases in just one click.

Installation of the integration runtime must be done on a windows machine, as it cannot be installed on linux.

Linux release also supports Azure Active Directory authentication, but doesn’t support SQL Server containers just yet.

Market research firm Statista ranked the software as number 3 on a list of database management systems the most popular. It’s ahead of PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.

The AppInventiv mobile app developer said SQL Server, in third place, has strengths both in the cloud and on-premises. It’s been widely successful because of its capacity for structured, semi-structured, and spatial data.

The firm says Library is not as advanced but has been improved over the years.

As a quick overview, open source databases are being used more than ever because people are starting to see them as reliable and usable. Open source has some of the best databases seen in years, with PostgreSQL and MySQL taking the top spots.

Microsoft is continuously adding new features to its SQL Server for Linux systems, which is possible because of the rapidly evolving IT world. All companies are moving to the cloud, and Microsoft noticed the next trend coming and started making moves early.

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