MX Linux 21.1 'Wildflower' Available for Download
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MX Linux 21.1 ‘Wildflower’ is available for download, this Linux distro has been ranked number one on DistroWatch for its popularity. Just a bit confused as to why it has been ranked so high as there is nothing too special about it. 

Everyone has their own perspective, so let’s move on to explain everything about MX Linux 21.1 ‘Wildflower’ version of the operating system available for download. 

The latest release of  MX Linux 21.1 ‘Wildflower’ features bug fixes, kernels, and application updates since our original release of MX-21. This means if you are already using the Linux distro you simply update the packages available via the regular update channel.

Key Feature of MX Linux 21.1 ‘Wildflower’ 

  1. Debian 11.3 “bullseye” base
  2. New and updated applications.
  3. Disk-manager returns to the official isos.
  4. mx-samba-config for a desktop-agnostic way of configuring samba/cifs usershares.
  5. mx-installer received several improvements.
  6. All kernel updates: AHS now uses 5.16 kernel

The update is merely a point release of the operating system, which honestly does not even need to exist. Though if you really want to update you can head over here and download it now. now! 

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