Nitrux 2.4 Linux Distro is Promising
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The latest Nitrux 2.4 Linux Distro is promising as it offers much improved experience though it is not perfect. 

The latest edition of the Linux Distro comes with all the desktop elements present such as a dock (Latte dock) and a top panel. With these in place the desktop was nearly perfect.

You can tell which application is open by the window controls at the top. Instead of being in the window, they are now on top of it. Windows will be confusing at first and start to make sense once you use them more often.

It’s worth giving this distribution a try, with the only caveat of getting used to the top bar window controls.

Nitrux is a desktop Linux operating system, and has been known to work well for new Linux users. Unlike other systems, it is based on KDE Plasma and has Debian (with the 5.19 kernel), which will work with most hardware. Recently, Nitrux released an update that isn’t as polished as previous versions.

What is Nitrux?
Nitrux is a Linux distribution based on Debian. It uses the Calamares installer and includes KDE Plasma 5, MauiKit Applications, and doesn’t use systemd as its init system.

What does this mean to you? Nitrux is actually based on Debian, a popular Linux distribution. It is what Ubuntu is based on so many other distributions are modeled after it. You can download Nitrux from its website,

Debian is a quality operating system that includes rock-solid security and stability. Install the Calamares operating system installation with step-by-step instruction.

The NX Desktop is the default desktop that Nitrux provides, which is based on KDE Plasma five. It includes MauiKit Applications, which are apps that can run on both desktop and mobile operating systems.

Nitrux uses an alternative system initializer called OpenRC instead of the common systemd. This won’t really matter to the average user, unless all apps and services start as expected.

Nitrux installs apps as AppImages, rather than the standard application formats. This could be a real advantage due to the lack of dependencies in the installation process.

Why is Nitrux so special?
Nitrux includes a customized kernel XanMod that provides stability and responsiveness.

The kernel is efficient, with third party patches. Cache and priority traffic are available, as well as kernels. BBRv2 is our transport congestion algorithm, which offers high-responsive multitasking and the high quality of other features.

This kernel makes for a reliable, long-lasting, high-performing operating system.

Nitrux ships with KDE. KDE Plasma 5.25.4, KDE Gear 22.08, and KDE Frameworks 5.97 are the newest releases of the desktop environment built into Nitrux.

As well as performing a number of functions, Maui is also easily customizable to an individual’s preferences.

While Linux software is so diverse there’s no shortage of other office suites available to install, the developers removed LibreOffice from the default installation.

Nitrux provides a stable user-friendly desktop that is both beautiful and functional. Nitrux provides KDE with a modern user interface which can appeal to KDE users as well as MacOS and GNOME users.

Word of Caution
However, there is one caveat to this new OS. When you first log in to Nitrux, you may see nothing but wallpaper on your desktop. To fix this, add the default panel. To do so, go to the desktop and right-click > Add Panel > Default Panel

Nitrux has a panel system to help you customize it. You can change out the panels and then open them. Giving Nitrux a try will be worth it, as you will get your first panel added soon too.

It would be wise to open up a terminal and update Nitrux  with the command – pkcon update as soon as your first panel is created.

Once your devices update, reboot, and your experience with Nitrux improves. Nitrux may not be the best distribution if you only just started using Linux because you have to make some tweaks. But, it is definitely worth a try.

Nitrux has a few imperfections. I wasn’t expecting to produce interface content upon first login and there are other things that make it less desirable to use, such as occasional crashes and the inability to rearrange bookmarks.

There were windows that didn’t have title bars, which made closing them more difficult. If the application was still open, you could right-click on it to close it.

The icons without background images and the ones that don’t work when clicked are flaws in the design.

The only way to know for sure would be to install a different desktop viewer, but I couldn’t.

In its current state, Nitrux is more of a curiosity and not something that I recommend to my customers. But, if the issues are not due to running Nitrux as a virtual machine then these caveats should not apply. Download and install Nitrux yourself and see if this Linux distribution suits your needs

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