OpenShot Video Editor A Powerful Free Video Editor for Linux
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Openshot video editor is a powerful video editor for Linux. You can download the latest version 2.6.1 for free. All you need to do is download, make an executable and run. 

OpenShot is the most popular free video editing software with many features and is easy to use. Besides Linux, it also supports other operating systems such as Windows, macOS, etc. 

You create videos instantly from existing audio, video, and image file using this software. It is capable of generating images that are better and sharper, and also makes the task of video creation and editing easier than other video editing software out there. 

OpenShot Video Editor Features

  • Quickly trim your videos with various tools available. 
  • The powerful animation framework makes it easy to fade, slide, bounce, and animate anything in your video project.
  • Video Effects Engine is effective as it removes the background from your video, inverts colors, adjusts brightness, and more. 
  • Edit titles with the Title Editor
  • Render 3D animated titles and effects like snow, lens flares, or flying text.
  • Reverse, Slow down and speed up video, preset or animate the playback speed and direction

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