Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS By System76 takes Ubuntu Linux to the next level 
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Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS By System76 takes Ubuntu Linux to the next level. It is an operating system for STEM And creative professionals that enables them to use it as a tool to create and discover. 

Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS is based on Ubuntu, one more addition to the list of Ubuntu-based distributions. There is no doubt it takes Ubuntu to another level, 

Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS focuses more on the user interface and offers a superior desktop distribution compared to the regular Ubuntu. With the release of Ubuntu 22.04, from today, Pop!_OS 22.04 will also be available. It uses Linux kernel 5.16.19, Mesa 22, and the GNOME 42 desktop environment with System76’s COSMIC UX enhancements.

Pop!_OS 22.04 has undergone many improvements which include not only “under the hood” but also a number of user-facing enhancements too. Now System 76 promises to offer a faster and more reliable experience. The latest updated packages for a new section will make it user-friendly for beginners. 

You can now set the enhancements to the OS updates automatically for Pop!_OS 22.04 from the OS Upgrade and Recovery settings panel. Another minor update is with the wallpaper selection, now you can pick specific wallpapers for both light and dark modes.

There is also improved support for the workspace view especially when you are using more than one monitor and offers a better layout when using high-resolution displays. Pop!_OS 22.04 switches to PipeWire for audio processing offering you a better sound quality. Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS By System76 takes Ubuntu Linux to the next level-1Pop!_OS 22.04 System76 improvements:

  • Installed NVIDIA drivers are now visible and no longer include an “Install” button. Older drivers are also available to install, though it is recommended you use the most recent available NVIDIA drivers for most NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Better performance with improvements to the CPU scaling governor means your CPU runs at the optimal frequency for your system.
  • The Pop!_OS upgrade service will now only activate when checking for or performing release upgrades. (Previously it was active 24/7.)
  • Debian packages are now resumable in case your upgrade gets interrupted, this means you can pick up the upgrade from where you left off.
  • File type for icons has been changed to .svg
  • Max disk capacity for journald logs is now limited to 1GB.
  • Added support for laptop privacy screens
  • RDP by default for remote desktop use
  • Better performance, scaling, and reliability in Pop!_ShopPop!_OS 22.04 LTS By System76 takes Ubuntu Linux to the next level-2You can download the Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS 22.04 operating system from here. Currently, two variants of the operating system are available, ie the standard version for computers without Nvidia GPU and the other is for the ones with NVIDIA GPU. Kindly share your experience using the operating system in the section below. 

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