Slackware Linux Gets a Major Update
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The Oldest Linux distribution Slackware Linux gets a major update with the release of version 15.0 of the Linux distribution.

Slackware Linux was founded by Patrick Volderding in 1993, who still continues to maintain the distribution today and has released a new version since 2016’s 14.2. 

TheRegister report mentioned there has been a delay in the release of version 15 with the stable release arriving a year after Volderding unveiled the beta.

According to Volderding, he focused on releasing a modernized Slackware version without isolating fans at the time of the Linux development by moving away from its Unix-like structure. 

In an announcement, he said, “The challenge this time around was to adopt as much of the good stuff out there as we could without changing the character of the operating system. Keep it familiar, but make it modern.”

Volberding further added, Slackware maintainers built over 400 different Linux kernel versions before the release of the stable version. Finally settling on kernel version 5.15.19 a long-term support until at least October 2023. While working on Slackware 14.2 they tested just 34 kernel versions while working on Slackware 14.2.

The latest Slackware 15.0 features KDE Plasma 5, version 5.23.5, and Xfce 4.16. The KDE also supports Wayland or X11. According to Phoronix notes, Zenwalk has also released a new version of its desktop environment built on top of Slackware 15 and based on Xfce 4.16. Version 15 also brings support for programming languages such as Rust and Python version 3 while dropping Qt4 for Qt5. 

While the Slackware 15.0 x86_64 edition offers support for systems running UEFI firmware. 

Volberding said the “software was the priority this time, not swag and there are no CDs or DVDs to purchase, and no new stickers, hats, pins, or T-shirts.” 

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