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Are you wondering why programmers should code on Linux instead of Windows? We think everyone should because in general Linux comes with its own set of advantages. Many of you coders would be confused as to whether they should stick with dual boot, VM, WSL2, or the arch Linux distro instead.

In this article, we will talk about the reason why we should be using Windows for coding. Also, we will talk about plenty of reasons why Linux is better than windows.

Windows has Privacy issues

Windows by default come loaded with data collecting tools, these will require you to manually venture the system and turn them off.

Built-in Keyloggers

Windows also comes with a built-in keylogger, though you can now go in and disable the keylogger. But even after disabling, it is no sure way to know if it has actually been disabled.

On the other hand, there may be a few Linux distros that collect data but you can turn it off. The important factor is Linux is an open-source operating system, this means you can go into the code and check if you don’t believe it. You are free to access and disable or remove what suits you as Linux is not proprietary software.

Big Tech Companies use Linux

Many of the biggest tech companies in the world are using Linux, particularly Linux Web Servers. Companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, even supercomputers run on Linux.

Simple and Secure

According to us the two main reasons that make Linux popular with coders is it is plain and simple and more secure compared to Windows.

The number of Linux users is less compared to Windows, hackers also tend to be less interested in hacking Linux systems. It is sort of proof that shows Linux users are more tech-savvy than Windows users.

Easy to Update

Fixing vulnerabilities in the system becomes easier as it is open-sourced you don’t have to wait for someone else to release a patch or fix.
Runs nicely on slow outdated systems

If you have an old pc you can install Linux, it will work far better than your windows installation. No need to pay for licenses. It’s cheap and a viable option if you are on a budget.

TIP: open up your old PC, try finding a Windows key somewhere inside it, this you can use to install Windows 10 or any other Windows version available. It will help you in many ways, of course, the pricing, but also help you save time and make your life easier.