Why to Quit Microsoft Windows 11 And Switch to Linux Lite 5.8
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This is the right time for you to quit Microsoft Windows 11 and switch to Linux Lite 5.8. No doubt Microsoft Windows 11 is the best desktop operating system Microsoft has ever built. If you have a compatible computer and currently enjoy using Windows 10, you will surely love working on Windows 11. 

Windows 11 features many welcome changes like the centered taskbar, though some of the users may not like it. Also, the system requirements will leave many capable computers unable to upgrade without unofficial hacks. 

While the worst-case being computers deemed incompatible will stop getting updates. These owners will have to make a decision if they will continue using Windows 10 or buy a new Windows 11-compatible PC.Why to Quit Microsoft Windows 11 And Switch to Linux Lite 5.8_1There is a still better option, simply switch to Linux. The modern Linux-based operating systems can easily run on most of the aging hardware. Linux Lite can be the choice of operating systems to opt for as it uses the Xfce desktop environment. It is perhaps the best Linux distros for Windows users to switch over to as it is lightweight, modern, and very familiar. 

Go for the latest Linux Lite 5.8, it is an operating system based on Ubuntu 20.04.3 and features 9 new wallpapers. It uses Linux kernel 5.4.0-96, with other kernels also available for deployment from 3.13 to 5.16. The operating system comes with some amazing software packages, such as Firefox 961, Thunderbird 91.5.0, LibreOffice, VLC, and GIMP 2.10.18.Why to Quit Microsoft Windows 11 And Switch to Linux Lite 5.8_2According to Jerry Bezencon, Lead Developer, Linux Lite, “Linux Lite 5.8 Final is now available for download and installation. This release includes updates to the Help Manual – our extensive, easy to follow Linux Lite guide, Lite Widget has caught up with the latest Conky syntax, there’s an updated Papirus icon theme, Neofetch has been included, we’ve added Mintstick to our Accessories, there are 9 new wallpapers, and a host of bug fixes and enhancements for our target audience,” 

He further added, “If you’re coming from Windows, you’ll find this to be a solid, stable release that will help make your transition to a Linux-based operating system, user-friendly. If you’re coming from another Linux-based OS, you’ll come to understand that this lightweight OS is the feature-complete desktop you’ve been searching for. We’ve been repeatedly described as underrated, here’s your chance to find out why.”Why to Quit Microsoft Windows 11 And Switch to Linux Lite 5.8_3If you want to get started with Linux Lite 5.8, you can download it here. This is perhaps the right time to take the step in the right direction and make a decision to go for it. Linux for newcomers can be a huge shift, but with Windows 11 not supported by your hardware, it can save you some money and offer you a great user experience too.

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