3 Iranian Nationals Charged in Hacking and Ransomware Scheme Against US Organizations
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3 Iranain nations have been charged by the US Government in hacking and ransomware schemes against numerous US organizations. 

Essentially, the legal team found about three “victim organizations” in the state of New Jersey namely domestic violence shelter in Pennsylvania, a power company in Mississippi and a municipality in Union County, New Jersey, according to charges brought in a federal court in New Jersey.

The Iranian government is not accused of being involved in the particular hacks, however sanctions have been imposed by the Department of Treasury who do accuse three Iranian men of working with companies affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The Iranian hackers would demand hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom payments to unlock a user’s computer.

The Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Iran did not immediately comment on the allegations of the US Justice department.

The US is concerned about hacking by Iran, which has cost the US businesses, government agencies, and NATO allies alike. Albania has accused Iran twice this year of conducting hacks that knocked Albanian government services offline.

The White House said that US officials were on the ground in Albania helping with the recovery after an initial hack by Tehran. The White Place also condemned Tehran for the hack in July.

The three Iranians have been indicted and are suspected of residing in Iran, but they possibly could come into custody if they visit a country the US has extradition agreements with, like Canada.

The FBI director noted that there’s a growing number of hackers attacking critical infrastructure and public service. These three examples represent attacks on utilities and other key industries.

The U.S. has put sanctions on eight people affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard’s IT firms and offered a $10 million reward for information regarding Ahmadi, Aghda and Ravari.

According to the FBI, they were able to thwart Iranian hackers in an attempted ransomware attack on Boston Children’s Hospital.

Wray has called the incident one of the most despicable cyberattacks he’s ever seen. Tehran denied having anything to do with the incident.

The US and their allies have come up with a plan in order to be defended against future IRGC-linked hacks. The plan includes an advisory of how to defend themselves against the hackers’ tactics and techniques.

Although the Justice Department and some analysts have criticized Iran, DOJ officials have highlighted their blurred lines.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced the identities of two contractors affiliated with Iranian intelligence agencies, marking the latest stage in a vast cyber campaign underway for more than a decade that targets Iranians, others in the region and of interest to Tehran and represents part of what many security specialists believed to be an all-out effort to establish Iranian hegemony across the Middle East.

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