$7.7 Million Miami Mansion Comes With a Metaverse - Twin
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The $7.7 Million Miami Mansion dubbed as Reflection Manor, for sale features six bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths, and is 12,975 square feet in size.

The owner of this mansion invested in the future with their purchase. The mansion comes with a digital replica that was preloaded on an NFT, but you can design yours to be like Alpha City.

“This is not just a house,” says Jorge Guinovart, one of the crypto entrepreneurs behind the project. “It’s a virtual property that could be worth up to $2-3 million in a few years.”$7.7 Million Miami Mansion Comes With a Metaverse - Twin_5And while anything is possible, selling a digital house in a world that doesn’t exist yet – you may be forgiven for wondering if it’s just magic beans.

Alpha City aims to offer services such as shopping and dating. Through the application, entrepreneurs will be able to enjoy creating a business from the comfort of their home, host events or “virtual consulting” opportunities. As for how it differs from our existing technology, Alpha City is no different than any other real life space.$7.7 Million Miami Mansion Comes With a Metaverse - Twin_1That’s what both Guinovart and the property’s realtor, South Florida-based Juliet Silver, believe that Reflection Manor and its digital twin embody. Unlike gaming-focused metaverses that already exist, like Fortnite, they’ve chosen a Zuckerbergian approach — albeit with a luxe Miami flair — to the future of the internet: realism. They want Alpha City to feel like an elevated extension of the real world, a digital environment that blends effortlessly into real life.$7.7 Million Miami Mansion Comes With a Metaverse - Twin_2Beaulieu says Silver Labs is bridging the gap between the virtual and real world, by giving players a chance to see up close. With realistic graphics and compelling storyline, Silver Labs will take you into the future of gaming and grand experiences.

Reflection Manor outshines traditional real-estate projects in that while they too are risky, they are real and tangible, providing an alternative to digital assets.

To that point, it’s hard to envision much room in the digital world for self-reliance if the land is only accessible to people who can afford the multimillion dollar mansions. If you want things to be realistic, you have to have Alpha City nail it.$7.7 Million Miami Mansion Comes With a Metaverse - Twin_3However, the housing market is strong in comparison to the cryptocurrency market, which has been hard. Crypto-optimists are deflated and crypto-skeptics have been shaken. However, Guinovart insists that this is a better time to buy because the prices are not as high, taking in account the cryptocurrency market.

OpenSea is an online marketplace for digital goods. When it hits the record, there’s most likely a bubble coming. Consider buying identities or virtual goods now when they are still less expensive than last year.$7.7 Million Miami Mansion Comes With a Metaverse - Twin_4Is Reflection Manor a sign of things to come? The future is unknown; however, it’s intriguing to see how blockchain technology is based in reality with this project. Nothing has been sold yet, so we don’t know how much the (building) will be sold for. Alpha City doesn’t have a launch date either.

Silver had a lot to say about the car; it was rare, and he thought about what would be useful for customers.

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