Ad-blocking Browser Extension Actually Adds Ads
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You may be using Ad-blocking browser extensions to block ads while you browse the internet. According to Imperva research labs, a security firm discovered that an Ad-blocking browser extension actually adds ads by injecting them into Chrome or Opera.

Johann Sillam and Ron Masas have discovered the extension called AdBlock. Their findings suggest the extension blocks ads, though in the background it runs a script that injects a snippet of JavaScript code into every new tab that users open.

Further, they explained the code snippets communicated with the remote servers to download a payload connected with the operators of an ad-injection scam.

The researchers duo further said, the extension blends in ads other than those from legitimate ones that would appear on a webpage. The ads displayed by the extension include affiliate links, this leads to the operators of the extension skimming commissions from netizens that click on injected ads.

Google has always taken Chrome extensions security seriously but looks like it is not able to restrict on this occasion. With Opera offering compatibility with Chrome, means the extension is having a similar effect on its browser too.

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