Alleged Rapist And Former Twitch Streamer Helped Build an NFT Startup Using a Nickname
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MethodJosh, an alleged rapist and former Twitch streamer helped build an NFT startup using a nickname to conceal his past history of alleged sexual abuse. 

The popular British Twitch streaming has now pushed an NFT startup named The startup recently fired a core developer, called Neso by Gem’s staff and who also is the firm’s primary shareholder for sexual misconduct. 

According to BuzzFeed, the individual is none other than Josh Thompson, the streamer of World of Warcraft who used Joshpriest and MethodJosh handles. He was accused by many women of rape, sexual harassment, and the grooming of minors in 2020.

Lorens Huculak, Gem cofounder stated in a Discord post, “a member of the team, Neso, has engaged in a pattern of sexual misconduct” According to CoinDesk, he was terminated after a review of unknown claims. He had been fired from Gem, which has been funded by investment firms like Dragonfly Capital and Sfermion.

Huculak further explained, “As you may know, our company is fully remote, and Neso was an anonymous developer. As such, this was the first we’d learned of allegations of any kind about this individual.” 

Earlier in 2020, Thompson was accused of using his Twitch streamer handle to manipulate at least five women and girls in the gaming community. The victims claimed he made sexual advances toward them when they were 13 and 14 years old. Another streamer mentioned she had reported him to police for rape and sexual abuse, While in yet another incident in 2019, he was reported for sexually harassing women on Snapchat and Discord, according to Kotaku

Before getting kicked out from Method, a World of Warcraft guild, he was permanently banned by Twitch, where he had approximately 182,000 followers. The action was taken as he had violated its community guidelines

According to an insider, “He seemed relatively normal, that’s why this was so shocking,” the source said, adding that Neso “painted himself as a nice, helpful guy.” According to a blog post by GEM, Neso joined the organization around May 2021, while the company was publicly launched in January 2022. 

The business documents were filed in Singapore where Gem was incorporated and mentions his name as Thompson. The other members on the list include Huculak, Vaibhav Saini, Carmen Hernandez, and Parmesh Jayantibhai Shiroya. Thompson is identified as a citizen of the United Kingdom. He was added to the list on March 11, 2022, and allotted 16,408 shares — equivalent to the number of shares held by Huculak and Saini. The others added to the document on the day include Hernandez and Shiroya who held only 388 shares.Alleged Rapist And Former Twitch Streamer Helped Build an NFT Startup Using a Nickname-1As Thomson used a nickname, the Gem leaders did not know about his history and sexual abuse allegations prior to the recent investigation. Though everyone’s name was on the document, Neso’s real name was never publicly revealed by the company’s other founding members.

Using a nickname is a common practice within the NFT community. Hernandez goes by the name Cmonies, and Saini, known as Vasa are discoverable on their Twitter and LinkedIn real identities profiles. 

According to Gem, “After they made the Discord announcement, one of us remembered that he was a professional gamer who played World of Warcraft,” 

The source further added, Neso tweeted about gaming in the past. His curiosity led him to search for World of Warcraft players earlier accused of sexual harassment and discovered the controversy surrounding the streamer Joshpriest.

Two days after Thompson was kicked out, the transaction ledgers showed a crypto wallet possibly belonging to Neso. He transferred the domain name gemdotxyz.eth to an anonymously held wallet. The original domain was registered in January by neso.eth and linked with Neso’s deleted Twitter account.

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