Apple iOS 15.4 update  - Unlock your iPhone with Face ID and masks
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Apple iOS 15.4 update enables you to unlock your iPhone with FaceID and masks. The update rolled out on Monday supports a feature on Face ID that allows owners to unlock their phones while wearing a mask.

According to Apple, this feature will work on the iPhone 12 and all new models of the smartphone with the latest iOS 15.4 update in place.

Users will receive a prompt once the update completes, asking if they want to use Face ID while wearing a mask or proceed ahead scanning the face without wearing a mask. Users without FaceID will be asked if they want to turn on the features via a request. Once you enable the feature, the iPhone will unlock with a FaceID while wearing a mask.

Earlier while using FaceID with a mask to unlock iPhones required users to have an Apple Watch. They would need to wake their iPhone once the feature was enabled and glance at the screen to unlock it. 

Apple had been working on the beta version back in January and finally, the update is here. Additionally, it also features new emoji and an additional voice option for Siri.

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