Apple May Launch new Macs with More Powerful Chips
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Apple may launch new Macs with more powerful chips at an event that will be streamed later today.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch two new MacBook Pro models with 14-inch and 16-inch screens. Earlier last year the company introduced some new models with “Apple Silicon” chips. In a move to phase out onto its desktop and laptop lineup over the course of two years.

Apple has already introduced its in-house M1 chip in some MacBooks, MacMini and iMac desktops which earlier ran on Intel Corp chips. Though the M1 chip was not introduced onto the new larger MacBook Pro models. Seems likely this will happen during today’s event.

Sales for Mac have increased with employees and students relying on technology to work and learn from home during the pandemic. Apple has seen an increase of 11% to $28.6 billion in 2020, even though the iPhone revenue declined by 3%.

With Apple overhauling its iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad lineup, the expectations are high of the MacBook Pro getting updated.
Many believe Apple will also update its AirPods wireless earbuds at today’s event. AirPods are turning out to be Apple’s fastest-growing categories with its home and accessories segment growing 25% to $30.6 billion in Apple’s fiscal 2020.

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