Apple Will Now Require Verification for Student Discounts in the US
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From now onwards Apple will require verification for student discounts in the US. Apple has been known to provide plenty of perks for students, it has an education version of its online store with exclusive deals and discounted prices on select products. 

All these student discounts are aimed at students, teachers, and staff working at educational institutions in eligible countries. Earlier users were not required to present any form of verification to claim the deals in the US. Things are bound to change, with instances in the past where some users bragged online of buying an Apple product cheaper, in spite of not being technically eligible for the deal. Now users will require to verify through UNiDAYS in the United States.

According to a post in MacRumors, u/siddharthsure a Reddit user, Apple’s education online store in the US will now require UNiDAYS verification. 

What is UNiDAYS ?
UNiDAYS is a third-party service, it verifies students through their .edu email addresses. The service is already used by Apple in some regions where Apple Music Student Plan is available. Henceforth students and those working in the education field will have to verify their emails on UNiDAYS once every year to confirm their eligibility.

UNiDAYS also carries a list of discounts offered by other companies than Apple. It is not yet clear why Apple took so long to implement this measure.  Already the company has implemented verification in some countries like India and the UK.

Though the education online store in Canada is still offering student discounts without verification if you want to take advantage of it. Students can buy iPads and Mac models at discounted prices. Additionally, for a limited period, they can also get free AirPods with eligible purchases by the time schools start. It is pretty certain though Apple will have the verification process in place even in Canada soon.

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