Arrival (ARVL) Builds its first Commercial Electric Van using Novel Microfactory Model
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EV startup Arrival (ARVL) has successfully built its first commercial electric van using their Microfactory in Bicester, ushering in a new era in the production of EVs.

Arrival’s plans are to deliver urban-centric mobility. They originally began with plans for an all-electric passenger bus, delivery van, and a rideshare-centric ARRV car.

Arrival Van production will also take place in Bicester, England. The company currently has locations in London and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Rather than spending money on costly construction, Arrival takes existing facilities and makes changes for more efficient production. This is called the “Microfactory.”

This new strategy removes the need for any special foundations for painting or assembling a structure. Instead, the individual assembly cells bolt right onto the concrete. The cells contain all necessary equipment to guide parts around the facility–for example autonomous robots.

Arrival Bus and Car development have ceased until further notice as focus has shifted to production of Arrival Van models. The company recently announced it would be restructuring its operations to focus on their most profitable product.Arrival (ARVL) Builds its first Commercial Electric Van using Novel Microfactory Model_1Arrival shows the potential for Van Microfactory to reduce pollution.

The Van supports the Arrival in its research on last-mile delivery. The first completed Van is a boon to the Micro Factory and made using customized technology.

Arrival showed off the Microfactory by successfully rolling off the assembly line in the UK. CEO Denis Sverdlov discussed their progress so far:

Today is a special day for Arrival. They have successfully built the first vehicle in their Microfactory, which does not use a traditional assembly line. Today is also the first time that serial production has been achieved. The team will continue to produce vehicles in their Microfactory until they master at-scale production. Although it has proved to be more difficult than they initially imagined, I’m grateful for the team’s hard work and innovation.Arrival (ARVL) Builds its first Commercial Electric Van using Novel Microfactory Model_2This will be a huge accomplishment for the EV startup, Arrival. The Van model is not being released to the public just yet this year. This is because all Van models built in the UK Microfactory will be used for continued testing, validation and quality control.

But Arrival has not yet started production and it will release more information about its earnings report in November. Perhaps we’ll also get an update on the production of its vans in the US once one Microfactory is up and running. We’ll let you know what happens next.

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