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Battery Guru develops solid glass battery at the age of 96. The requirement for the battery is immense from smartphones, cars, and renewable energy. We also have witnessed new about how batteries can be dangerous, especially when they blast and catch fire causing damages.

Goodenough the elderly battery inventor was already instrumental in the development of the lithium-ion battery we use commonly today.

According to the IEEE Spectrum – Engineering magazine Goodenough and his team from the University of Texas have achieved a breakthrough after many years of research.

They have developed solid glass batteries that can store energy three times of the batteries we use today. The glass batteries will work even at low temperatures reliably.

They are almost the size of a smartphone and can be fully charged within minutes.

The Battery Guru as he is called, Goodenough in an interview with IEEE Spectrum said – “I think we can do something here that we’ve been working on for 20 years.”

How does the Solid Glass Battery work?

The anode and cathode are not connected to each other as in the common battery with liquid. The glass batteries come with a solid electrolyte based on the glass which eliminates the option of anode and cathode touching each other and the risk of a short circuit causing a fire.

Solid Glass Battery – Light, Strong, Cold Resistant, and Durable

The solid glass battery is lighter compared to the regular lithium-ion batteries. They can store more than three times the energy of the same size, can be charged fully in minutes, and operate in extremely low temperatures.

Goodenough stated the battery can bring full power at minus 20 degrees and work even at temperatures as low as minus 60 degrees. This can prove to be vital especially for electric cars that tend to face issues in low temperatures, the solid glass batteries might be an interesting option.

The other feature the glass battery comes with is its performance does not deteriorate over time, instead, it gets stronger as you keep charging it.

All those expecting the glass batteries to be available for sale will have to wait for some time. According to Goodenough and his team, the solid glass batteries will be available another three years from now. There are negotiations taking place related to licensing with various companies. But certainly, the breakthrough has given users of electrical appliances and vehicles hope where they can soon expect to use batteries that will last longer with a single charge.