Bax Moto MK3 - A No Nonsense Muscular Bike Fit for Batman
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Shane Baxley has designed the Bax Moto MK3 a no-nonsense muscular bike fit for Batman. The muscular beast is certain to get your adrenaline pumping.

The muscular beast immediately relates itself with the upcoming movie, “The Batman”. With the likes of Robert Pattison as Batman appearing from the dense fog in the dark corners of the city riding on this BatCycle to fight crime with Catwoman. 

You are destined to get carried away with such thoughts as the power of Shane’s creation with the movie coming up in March 2022. Bax Moto MK3 - A No Nonsense Muscular Bike Fit for Batman-1The motorbike has been dubbed as Bax Moto MK3 highlighted by the sleek flowing silhouette of the exposed mechanical parts, giving the very muscular look. The headlight and the front section edge forward, sort of intimidating the onlooker. Giving an ultimate Batcycle vibe the first time you look at it. 

The bike offers a double-sided long swing arm allowing the rider to lean forward enabling the rider to drive it at neck-breaking speeds. The Bax Moto MK3 sports an all-black finish with hints of gray to add contrast and depth.Bax Moto MK3 - A No Nonsense Muscular Bike Fit for Batman-2The instrument cluster and the wheels are spiced up by the subtle lines that are apparent on the fuel tank as well, signifying the spirit of speed and motion. 

The offset headlight with the pair of fog lights gives it a very unique sense of styling. 

Shane has managed to pull off an astonishing automotive design that is ready to bamboozle one and all. 

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