Big Tech Combat Worker Shortages by Relaxing Hiring Requirements
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Big Tech companies are facing worker shortages and to combat this they have dropped the hiring requirements. 

According to the US tech hiring trends tech companies in the US are hiring blue-collar workers for ICT roles on technical teams, jobs which earlier required candidates to have a four-year college degree.

The Wall Street Journal mentioned, “As the labor market reorders, more Americans are making the leap from blue-collar jobs and hourly work to “new collar” roles that often involve tech skills and come with better pay and schedules.”

Oliver Wyman in a research article discovered more than a tenth of Americans in low-paying roles in warehouses, manufacturing, hospitality and other hourly positions have made such a switch during the past two years. Many of these jobs were available in software and information technology, as well as tech-related roles in logistics, finance, and healthcare.

He further mentioned, “In the Oliver Wyman poll, U.S. workers who described themselves as blue-collar pre-pandemic said that enrolling in a specialized course or Bootcamp, or acquiring another credential, had unlocked new kinds of jobs in sectors such as tech, data processing, healthcare, and electronics manufacturing. LinkedIn Learning, a major online credential platform, saw completions of certificate-eligible classes, such as project management, rise more than 1,300% between 2020 and 2021.” 

The article mentions stories of real-world people who have transitioned their careers into tech. Worth mentioning is Zack Williams, a landscaper turned software engineer after a nine month Bootcamp earns double what he did in landscape construction, and 20% above what he requested in the interview.

The trends in the tech hiring segment are changing with a boom amid the widespread digital transformation. Backed by the pandemic many professionals resigned, baby boomers quit, and with a decline in immigration, there was a nationwide labor shortage causing the tech companies to drop college degree requirements. 

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