BILITI three-wheeled electric tuktuk will make its US debut
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BILITI three-wheeled electric tuktuk will make its US debut. The tuktuks or rickshaws have been a common sight in Asian countries. This is bound to change with BILITI Electric introducing the GMW Taskman in the US market. 

The team from BILITI recently showcased the new electric three-wheeler and its novel battery charging options at the LA Auto Show.

The GMW Taskman is designed for commercial use, comes with a large cargo area with a capacity of 1,500 lb. (680 kg) payload is ideal for last-mile deliveries. It comes with a certified range of 110 miles (177 km).

The range specs seem good enough to make trips around the town, though the three-wheeler features a clever solution. This cuts down on the charge time as the batteries run low, as the charging step has been completely eliminated. Since the charging activity is performed off of the vehicle.

The SmartSwap solution offers a swappable battery system that allows commercial users to slide in new batteries when the Taskman’s charge runs low. Drivers can use the app provided by BILITI that points them towards swap stations. As a result of this, the vehicles need not return to a depot or operations base for swaps. Commercial operators can also use the app to keep track of the vehicles while they are operating.

The commercial operators can get the Taskman back on the road quickly, as the battery swap takes less than a minute. While the Taskman continues on its way with a freshly charged battery, the depleted battery can then be charged.GMW TaskmanThe Taskman can reach a max speed of just 25 mph (40 km/h) thanks to its 4.5 kW (6 hp) motor, though it is not the fastest vehicle on the road. There is not much competition for the Taskman in the US, but it can surely be one of the fastest electric tuktuks in the US.  

The three-wheeler can prove to be a huge hit in the US with major retailers such as Ikea, Walmart, and Amazon are already using the GMW Taskman for commercial use in 15 countries across Europe and Asia.

According to BILITI Electric, together they’ve racked up over 20 million miles and delivered over 12 million packages.

The company is also looking at options to use the roof space for solar panels as a means to charge the vehicles while in use.

BILITI Electric CEO Rahul Gayam said, “At AutoMobility, we also highlighted a very important green innovation for the first time — solar panels. The solar panels are mounted on three sides of the vehicle and provide enough power to fully recharge the Taskman battery in just over three hours. You can rely on the sun for 100% recharge, for an extended range of another 110 miles.”

The vehicle offers an impressive recharge of three hours, no other solar power electric vehicles even come close to such a claim. While most of the solar panels offer to trickle charge the batteries they fail to serve the purpose of a complete replacement for charging from the grid.

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