Brave introduces Discussions where Real Human Answers in Search Results
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Brave introduces Discussions, as the company says it’s a new way to find answers in search. Search engine optimization(SEO) is used by many and is a big business resulting in Google often showing irrelevant data cluttered with ads and automated content optimized for marketers to improve their ranking. 

Discussions is a new feature for Brave Search, available for desktop and mobile. Real human conversations are the essence of this feature, with people moving away from Google as their go source of info. 

People are more often using forums and sites like Reddit in a quest to get quality answers. Brave stands out especially eliminating the SEO spam more than any other search engine out there. The addition of Discussions only enhances this experience further with real human conversations (and answers) people want right to the search results page.

You can use the Discussion features for numerous scenarios such as 

  • Product questions
  • Questions about current events
  • Travel-related questions
  • Computer programming/coding questions
  • Highly unique or specific questions

A lot has been gone into developing the Brave Search features to make search more diverse in content, increase points of view in results and help people find the most relevant and useful information. 

You can visit here to know more details on how Discussion works.

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