British auction house Christie’s sold nine rare CryptoPunk NFTs
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According to a tweet posted on May 12, British auction house, Christie’s sold nine rare CryptoPunk NFTs for nearly $17 million. Considered one of the biggest sales with NFT artwork by Beeple, it was auctioned for $69 million.

Considering the popularity of NFTs it first announced the CryptoPunks NFTs in early April. This turned out to be a huge success, making it likely we see more such NFTs sales in the future.

CryptoPunks are a set of NFTs created by Larva Labs, based on characters from famous movies, including those from Blade Runner and Neuromancer. The demand for it is huge, it also has a CryptoPunks NFT Index launched on SushiSwap.

Cypropunk developers recently announced they will be working on a set of voxel art NFTs called Meebits. The art is timeless in nature which creates a strong appeal. You can also integrate the art into compatible game engines and virtual worlds.

The popularity of NFT projects is soaring, brands like Reebok are also joining the bandwagon. After its success with the mainstream world, NFTs are ready to be embraced by large corporates.

You Can Trade NFT on eBay

eBay announced on May 11, it will allow the sale of NFTs on its platform. You can trade cards, images, or video clips. It will turn out to be the first eCommerce platform to allow the sale of NFTs

According to Jordan Sweetnam, senior vice president, and general manager for eBay’s North American market, eBay will launch more related capabilities. Rumors suggest eBay may also allow cryptocurrency payments on its platform in the near future.

Platforms such as eBay and PayPal showing interest in cryptocurrencies highlight the growth of cryptocurrencies and related assets in the mind of the public.

No one would have predicted such a phenomenal rise of NFTs, they have been surging upwards right from the start of the year. We can expect the NFT segment to flourish even further with more celebrities and high-profile names jumping on the bandwagon.

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