Canadians Will be First to Test Twitter’s New Edit Button
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Canadians will be among the first to test Twitter’s new edit button feature launching this month.

Twitter will introduce the latest feature for Canadian Twitter Blue subscribers who provide feedback about the update. The feature is currently being tested and will be available late September 2018 globally.

Users can edit their tweets and add labels after publishing to let readers know the tweet has been edited. These will appear as icons and labels next to the edited tweet so that users can see a history of changes in case they missed them.

Conversocial, angered by the absence of an edit button on Twitter, created a way for users to edit their tweets. The company framed the button as a way to help reduce frustration – since users can now edit their tweets with the click of a button.

The availability of edit tweets might make tweeting feel less stressful and more approachable.

Canada has been looking for ways to regulate tech companies and online harassment, The latest roll out may turn out to be a valuable tool.

Natasha Tusikov, an assistant professor of social science at York University says, “But if people are looking for a tool that will make Twitter more productive and welcoming, they need to look elsewhere.”

She further added, “If Twitter hopes that an edit tool will improve public discourse and make it a safer, more productive, more engaging public premise, that’s absolutely not going to happen. This doesn’t tackle any of the structural problems that Twitter has.”

Trolls, doxers and those who engage in harassment often go unpunished. Efforts to combat these issues like online reporting are ineffective and lead to unsatisfactory results.

She worries that this will encourage people with malicious intentions to commit such acts to have fun, as they can easily edit the content they don’t agree with or are nervous about.

If users post something very derogatory, they might change it later.

When people know that the content was generated by a machine, they’ll feel “as if they have aligned with or interacted positively with something they once supported but no longer do.”

Twitter is testing a new edit button for some users that might not be the version rolled out to everyone. The company will first release their app in a single country and then pull data to tweak and expand it. Kim Kardashian once tried to get Jack Doster to add an edit button to Twitter

The company compromised and created an edit button in early 2021, which they had been working on since 2018. They tweeted that it was unneeded but then said the button was finished a year ago.

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