Canoo's Electric Truck for the US Army Carries Plywood and Tactical Gear
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Canoo, an electric truck manufacturer of the mobility pod with an underlying skateboard chassis will be introduced to the US army.  The latest electric truck is built for extreme conditions and stealthy operations. The armed forces can load everything from plywood to military gear, or anything else to support operations in the field.

In 2018, Canoo unveiled its Lifestyle Vehicle, a people-moving solution for autonomous families and others. The company’s movements in the customizable and all-electric space caught the eye of the US Army this year, which proudly awarded it with a contract for military applications.

The Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) is the result of this agreement. This vehicle will now be delivered to the US Army for analysis and demonstration. It has been engineered to use the most modern materials, so it can withstand even the toughest environments, like those experienced in military operations.

This particular truck has the ability to act as a pickup or a flatbed, depending on what’s being moved. A modular attachment system can attach racks and boxes to the back of the LTV, which allows it to adapt to various missions.

The LTV all-wheel drive features a heavy-duty suspension system, air springs, and a 6400 hp V8 engine. More specs won’t be revealed until closer to production, according to Canoo.

According to Tony Aquila, Chairman, and CEO of Canoo, “The LTV is another proof of the power of our technology and how it can be used in any situation. This algorithm is a winning one for our customers.”

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