Cassie Bipedal Robot Now Holds Guinness World Record for 100m Dash
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Cassie bipedal robot built by the researchers at Oregon State University (OSU),  now holds the Guinness World Record for 100m dash.

According to the university press release, Cassie bipedal robot managed to clock 24.73 starting from a standing position, sprinted, and then returned to its starting position without falling.

Two-legged robots are the future of bipedal technology. Researchers who work on  bipedal robots have learned more about the dynamics of walking on two feet. Working on bipedal robots requires mechanical engineering, robotics, and computer science expertise.

One point of difference between Cassie and other AIs is that it can withstand a standing start and stop better than other models.

Cassie Bipedal Robot  trained to run Fast

The researchers used parallelization to train Cassie through simulation experience videos, which is the equivalent of running a year-worth of experience in 7 days.

Researchers discovered even without being taught, Cassie can run in a way strikingly similar to the way humans do.

The research team found it difficult to get Cassie to complete the task in a free-standing position. The bipedal robot has no external sensors or cameras, meaning that it is running blind for all intents and purposes.

How does this biped robot stand out from others?

Built with a million dollar grant from DARPA, Cassie was made in 16 months by the combined efforts of OSU’s robotics and AI departments.

Last August, the bipedal robot created another record when it learned to run and completed an unassisted 5k around the university campus. The bot used machine learning to control its gait and successfully moved throughout outdoors terrain.

“The focus of the project shifted to making sure that Cassie can do 5K races. The team wanted to know how fast Cassie could run and went out to meet Guinness World Records representatives.”,said Devin Crowley, a graduate student associated with the project. 

The article refers to the record-breaking bipedal robot’s run as a watershed moment in the history of bipedal robots. The company that manufactured it, Agility Robotics, expects control approaches such as this one to be a large part of future robotics.

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