China Orders Web Operators to Clean up their Entire Internet
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The Cyberspace Administration of China has ordered web operators to clean up their entire internet, in a bid to make websites from the region sparkle with wholesome content. 

According to the Chinese administration, it wants to remove several unwanted lists to been removed since there is nothing new added to it and most of the items have already been subject to warnings or bans. 

On top of the list are sites with violent content which China never wanted online. Next on the list are Fake news and rumors sites which the Chinese netizens have been asked to stay clear. 

Earlier last week Chinese media reported a document containing investment rules for local internet companies. Though the CAC has denied the existence of such a document and warned whoever disturbs it will be held accountable. 

The other content on the administration’s target is toxic online fandom, while it encourages parents to have their kids spend less time online and to follow restrictions on the amount of time spent gaming.

Orders have been issued for teen idols to clean up their online acts and consider replacing video with digital avatars. 

The administration will also curb vulgarity in all forms, while broadcasters of online infomercials have been told to stop promoting overconsumption. Users posting short videos also need to keep it clean. 

Website operators have been asked to quash popups, keep their home pages clean, and present a positive vibe. 

Just ahead of the Chinese New year next week to be followed by a Spring Festival that runs for fifteen days the internet cleaning exercise has sprung into action. 

According to the CAC, the country wants its internet to sparkle with positivity during the festive season. This will also overlap with Beijing hosting the Winter Olympic Games.

It is unclear why Chinese netizens need to be addressed like this, though this is not the first time it is sending the same message. 

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