China Unveils A Maglev Train Capable of A Top Speed of 370mph
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China unveils a Maglev Train capable of a top speed of 370mph, it is the fastest ground vehicle in the world.

According to Reuters, the train is self-developed by China and manufacturers in the coastal city of Qingdao. It uses electromagnetic force, this makes it float without any contact between the rail and the body.

The technology has been used in China for the last two decades, though on a limited scale. Currently, there is a short maglev line running in Shanghai from an airport to town.

With the introduction of the train, people will be able to travel from Beijing to Shanghai in only 2.5 hours. Earlier this distance of 754miles would take around 4.5 hours via one of China’s bullet trains.

The train track is currently being built from West Palm Beach, Florida, to Orlando International Airport for trains that can travel up to 125 mph. Japan is also developing a bullet train capable of reaching 249 mph. Though the high costs and incompatibility with current track infrastructure remain hurdles to rapid development.

We can expect to see the Chinese maglev train ready for commercial use within the next decade.

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