Chrome Browser will Soon Get a simple 1-Click Compromised Password Reset Feature
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Chrome browser will soon get a simple 1-click compromised password reset feature, according to Google.

The tool has the ability to check the safety of the saved passwords, to make automated password changes. When Chrome Browser detects a password being compromised as part of a data breach, it will prompt the user with an alert to the “Change Password” button. When users tap the button “Chrome will not only navigate to the site but also go through the entire process of changing your password.”

Google’s Duplex technology, which made its debut in 2018 enables this feature in the background. The technology was expanded in 2019 and supports various functions in Google Assistant such as booking rental cars, ordering food, and buying movie tickets.
Though users can still manually change the password at any point during the process as mentioned by Google.

The 1 click compromised password reset feature will currently only be available for Chrome Android users in the US users who have opted or sync their passwords. Initially, a few apps and websites will be supported at the launch. We can expect the feature to be rolled out in more countries in the coming months.

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