Chrome Google Photos Module gets Integrated
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Google in a bid to turn its web browser into a portal, now Chrome Google photos module gets integrated. It is not yet clear how it will go with its competitors and regulators, though Google is going ahead with its plans.

The updates released revolve around the search results and the New Tab Page. The New Tab Page will get a new module, it will display your Google Photos whenever you think of opening a new browser tab.

There have been tremendous improvements with browsers over the years not only in terms of functionality but also the user interface. You are no longer confined to single pages per window, tabbed UI’s offer you more experiences, though some of them may be controversial. No more need to see the blank canvas, new tab pages are like a staging ground for links to websites, other services, and even ads.

Most of the Chrome New Tab Page features the modules which bind into a Google product. The Discover module stands out as it surfaces potentially interesting articles based on your searches and preferences. Google has also been working on integrating Google Drive into this section recently.

In an article ChromeStory mentioned, Google Photos “Memories,” the section of Google’s cloud photo service that collates and organizes photos according to events and dates, will be the latest to join Chrome New Tab Page. Users will be required to enable it, to be able to view new Memories as they come up. This will save their time from the need to check Google Photos regularly or wait for a notification. The latest feature remains hidden just like the Google Drive integration under a flag in the Canary version of Chrome.Chrome Google Photos Module gets Integrated

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